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Fresh off their “Global Movement Campaign“, Australian streetwear label ZANEROBE have kicked off their new season collection with a presentation in New York.

The new line is a premium offering from the brand’s creative collective with tapered street-infused silhouettes, comprising of high end fabrics imported from Italy and Japan.

‘Project A Collection01’ is an innovation available beyond ZANEROBE’s main collections, all of which have performed well within Australia and overseas.

“The two companies i worked for before ZANEROBE, they’re quite corporate and quite strict, very set in their ways and their processes”, explains Luke Scott, head of apparel at ZANEROBE.

“With ZANEROBE, i’ve had a lot more freedom. Project A was given something entirely to me to create, so that’s probably the most freedom i’ve had.”

Being an elevated offering from their creative collective, the new pieces are available in limited quantities online.