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NISMO fans rejoice, is excited to announce the sale of NISMO R34 GT-R Z-Tune build #001. Yes, build number one.

The Z-Tune was originally designed by NISMO to celebrate their 20th anniversary in which only 20 production models were offered. Unfortunately, because production of the R34 had already ceased, NISMO had to purchase 20 used R34 GT-R V-Spec models, each with less than 30,000km on the clock that met strict requirements by NISMO including those for body condition and any modifications.

Only 12 examples were found and purchased by NISMO, with builds 13 through to 19 being donated by owners wishing to convert their cars to a Z-Tune. Each example was stripped and resprayed ‘Z-Tune Silver’, a special colour exclusively for the Z-Tune.

Build #001 is a 1999 V-Spec 1 converted to a 2005 Z-Tune by NISMO and is currently up for sale. A truly iconic vehicle perfect for a avid car collector or maybe even Jay Leno.

If you are interested in purchasing the ultimate GT-R, please fill out the following form. All legitimate entries will be forwarded directly to the owner.