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– Words: Ryan Lewis. Photos: MJ Digital.

Day 1 of Yokohama’s World Time Attack Challenge is a wrap, and we’re about to get some much needed rest before heading out there to do it all again tomorrow! But before we do, here’s a few shots of two cars which really made an impact on us today. They may not have been gunning for ultimate lap times in the main competition, but they’ve done their fair share of that over the years. Dubbed Godzilla for a reason, these R32 GT-Rs are the very cars behind the name.

When lunchtime hit at the track today, Motul’s ‘Legends Of The Turbo Era’ launched onto Sydney Motorsport Park for some demonstration laps.

You might’ve expected the drivers to take it easy and let the crowd enjoy the spectacle, but that was the furthest thing from their minds.

We watched these almost priceless machines being put through their paces all over again, and we wished they would never go back to the pits.

All these years since they dominated Australian motorsport, these two R32 GT-Rs still look world class. Truly incredible race cars. The Winfield car above is the actual car that met the wall at Bathurst but still claimed overall victory in treacherous conditions, cementing itself into the history books before being declared “unbeatable” and triggering a rule change that banned them from competing.

The GIO GT-R chalked up a bevy of podium finishes in ATCC racing at the hands of Mark Gibbs. These cars sent shockwaves through the racing community in Australia, and they’re just as impressive today.

So much so, we are certain that clean examples will be worth holding onto, as their legendary status will make them a worthy investment. Seeing a street driven GT-R in such good condition always makes us smile. Godzilla lives on!