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– Words: Ryan Lewis. Photos: MJ Digital.

With August rapidly approaching the wait for WTAC is getting much shorter. Someone who is eagerly anticipating race day is Shane Standley, owner of this purpose built Supra. Come August you’ll be able to see Shane belting his Toyota around Eastern Creek as part of the Clubsprint division. Over the last few months Shane has been modifying and developing the car in search of even quicker lap times.

The photo above was part of our original feature on this car over a year ago now. The feature (which can be found here) is still a popular one so we thought it fitting to update you on the car and it’s development in the lead up to Superlap. Since making the decision to enter the World Time Attack Challenge late in 2010, Shane’s Supra build has taken on a much more track orientated focus.

The video below comes from a recent Wakefield Park track day in New South Wales. Shane managed to pull several laps in the 1.07s bracket despite heavy traffic throughout his sessions.


As you can see, the car now sports a huge APR GT-wing to get the necessary downforce for the high speed main straight at Eastern Creek. The 19″ TE37 street wheels have been switched to 18″ RPF1s for better track performance. Advan A048 semi-slicks currently wrap the Enkeis, but new Federal 595S tyres are on the way to keep things within the guidelines of the Clubsprint class for WTAC. The car has had the front guards flared to accommodate the widest possible rubber without excessive negative camber. Shane has even had an upgraded exhaust added (now 3.5″ right through) and retuned the car since we last saw it. His new settings are good for 354kW at the rear wheels with 23PSI being pushed through it. Slowing the big car down and bringing it to a halt is now taken care of by new six-piston Greddy front brake callipers and 355mm rotors.

Preparation for the big weekend in August has involved a lot of time on track, but Shane is hoping to get more minutes in the drivers seat at Eastern Creek before the lights drop on WTAC in August. The car is more or less sorted for the event, with the exception of a possible diff’ upgrade and new swaybars.  As for Shane’s strategy? “Just get out there and hope for the best!” he tells us. With Gorilla Industries backing the car and support from Hakan at Performance Exhaust and Paden at Unique Automotive, the car is in safe hands. Reliability should be the last thing Shane has to worry about when race day arrives. Federal Tyres have even come on board as a sponsor.

Shane would like us to thank his wife, Carol, for her support and all his mates for their input so far. We’ll leave you now with a bunch of new photos to scroll through. If you have the means, be sure to get out to Eastern Creek on August 5th and 6th this year. For more details follow this link.


Stock 2JZGTE
3.5″ turbo back exhaust
3.5″ HKS Carbon Ti cat-back
Garrett GT35r 1.06 Turbo
Trust external wastegate 48mm
Sard 800CC injectors
Walbro 255 fuel pump
Apexi PowerFC
Trust LS intercooler
Trust 19 row oil cooler

Stock Getrag 6 speed
ORC twin plate clutch

Suspension & Brakes:
Cusco Zero2E coilovers 11kg & 18kg
TRD front strut brace
Greddy rear strut brace
Do Luck braided brake lines
Motul RBF600 brake fluid
Greddy 6 piston calipers
Greddy 355 2 piece rotors
Project Mu Brake Pads
OEM 2 piston calipers
Hawk brake pads
DBA 5000 slotted rotors

Wheels & Tyres:
Rays TE37 19 x 9.5 front and 10.5 rear
Toyo T1r
Enkei RPF1 18 x 9.5 front and 10.5 rear
Advan A048

Recaro SPG driver seat
Recaro SR3 passenger
Sparco 4 point harness
TRD airbag steering wheel
TRD full scale meter
Defi Oil temp gauge
Veilside gearknob
Saftey 21 9 point rollcage

MVP polyurethane front lip
APR GTC-300 carbon wing
Flared front and rear guards


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