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– Words: Jason Hanif. Photos: MJ Digital.

Disc brakes are considered by many as just another expense when replacement time ticks over, but as a consumable you can save time, money and increase performance by choosing the right discs when searching for an upgrade or replacement. Disc Brakes Australia (DBA) is a home grown manufacturer that we’ve become accustomed to here in Australia, and we’ve got a front and rear set up for grabs!


Premium metals and high quality manufacturing equipment is what ensures that DBA delivers high quality disc brake rotors, and they’ve got a range to suit from stock cars searching for an OEM replacement to race cars after a more serious bit of kit. One of their rotors which has been striking our interest of late is the ‘Clubspec Road and Race’ series.


The rotors available in Clubspec Road and Race have 48 precision CNC machined slots and a new signature kangaroo paw design. The kangaroo paw pillars are evenly spread across the disc face and make the rotor stronger and more stable, minimising brake fade and increasing braking effectiveness. To put DBA’s Clubspec rotors to the test, we had David Lai’s R34 GT-R fitted with a pair of 5000 T3 2-piece rotors up front and a pair of 4000 T3’s on the rear. The car’s driven both on the track and occasionally on the street, so optimal testing time was allowed for both scenarios.


“The DBA T3’s certainly stood up to the beating I was giving them at Wakefield Park recently. The two piece DBA 5000’s at the front allowed for the brakes to run cooler, which helped to decrease the amount of fade I’d usually experience and prolonged the effectiveness of the brakes to last the whole day with ease. As a result, they had helped in decreasing lap times out on the track”, explains David Lai.


“Furthermore, the DBA’s put many others to shame and certainly did have an improved performance over the Project Mu street rotors I previously had. As the car is street driven regularly too, I wanted the brakes to be quiet. With a bit of squealing from the brake pads, the rotors actually quietened down a fair bit. In regards to braking performance, they still performed exceptionally well without too much heat produced from road driving. Overall, they served the purpose I required in terms of holding up on the track and usable on the street too.”

WIN! We’re now giving our readers the chance to win a pair of 5000 T3 2-piece front rotors and a pair of 4000 T3 rear rotors. To enter, all you need to do is ‘like’ DBA on Facebook by clicking the button above and share a photo of your car with us via Facebook below. The photo with the most likes upon the close of the competition wins!