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Our latest lowdown babe might be familiar to some of our urban fans. Having dated Trey Songz for two years she was then rumored to have been dating Aubrey Graham (who we all know as Drake). She’s also featured as the leading girl in Omarion’s music video “Let’s Talk” which featured Rick Ross.

Meet Iesha Marie. Born in New Jersey and raised in Miami, Iesha’s Puerto Rican and Cuban American blend have helped her earn fame within the hip-hop scene and has just recently infiltrated the fashion industry completing shoots for various street and luxury brands.

We’re not sure if it’s just us, but she sure does look a lot like Jessica Alba in this shoot. At only 25, we’re sure that we’ll be seeing alot more of Iesha on our screens. But for now, do yourself a favour and check out the short video of Iesha below.

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