Words: Jason Hanif. Photos: MJ Digital.

With Sydney’s weather today displaying some of it’s renowned finest, we decided to trek down to Wakefield Park to view a variety of cars consistently hammering down quick laps.

Despite the small playing field of vehicles, there was a diverse range which attended during the day, from Justin Fox’s Golf GTI, to Ras’ RX-7 to Yonas’ K24A EG Civic and a number of Evo’s.

Ras’ RX-7 left a lasting impression, tearing down the straight only hours after being picked up from Bodyform’s workshop.

On a similiar note, Michael Zomaya’s Evo 9 had just been picked up from Peter at Bodyform the previous day, after extensive bodywork to accomodate for the new brake and wheel setup. The new setup proved Michael a new personal best, acheiving a 1:05:59 on his last oust of E85.

The day didn’t end short on thrills though, with Yonas’ EG Civic receiving considerable track time, a session alone with Michael’s Evo and plenty of spectator and competitor attention.

View the full set on our flickr.


  1. You guys didn’t waste anytime with this upload.

    Great coverage as always.

    Also wanted to thankyou guys for your help with the car. Wouldn’t have been able to better my PB without it – especially Adam with the E85.

    Bring on 1.04’s!!

  2. Hey guys,

    Thanks so much for coming out and covering the day, those photos are amazing. Hopefully see you down there again next time!