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Words: Jason Hanif. Photos: MJ Digital.

With Sydney’s weather today displaying some of it’s renowned finest, we decided to trek down to Wakefield Park to view a variety of cars consistently hammering down quick laps.

Despite the small playing field of vehicles, there was a diverse range which attended during the day, from Justin Fox’s Golf GTI, to Ras’ RX-7 to Yonas’ K24A EG Civic and a number of Evo’s.

Ras’ RX-7 left a lasting impression, tearing down the straight only hours after being picked up from Bodyform’s workshop.

On a similiar note, Michael Zomaya’s Evo 9 had just been picked up from Peter at Bodyform the previous day, after extensive bodywork to accomodate for the new brake and wheel setup. The new setup proved Michael a new personal best, acheiving a 1:05:59 on his last oust of E85.

The day didn’t end short on thrills though, with Yonas’ EG Civic receiving considerable track time, a session alone with Michael’s Evo and plenty of spectator and competitor attention.

View the full set on our flickr.