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– Words & Photos: Ryan Lewis.

We’ve had a lot of excitement behind the scenes at T-LD recently, and that left these photos to be neglected for some time! But as they say, it’s always better late than never. A few weeks ago we drove out to the Fairfield City Showgrounds in Prariewood for a proper look at the Volkswagen Nationals. Now in it’s 24th year, this VW spectacular has become the most important event on any Dubber’s calendar.

ClubVW run their major event over a full weekend, with a Wakefield Park Supersprint on Saturday and the famous Show ‘n Shine on Sunday. Almost every production year and model is represented in an immaculate array of colour and culture.

Volkswagen Australia have been on board as the official sponsor of the Nationals for many years, going to show just how ingrained in the Aussie VW scene this event really is.

This red Samba was our favourite. The custom canopy over the side doors was just one of many little touches that really set it apart.

There’s always a Herbie look-a-like getting around, but this is definitely one of the better ones.

Owners of late-model, watercooled VWs are starting to warm to the Nationals. Seeing new school performance, like this modified GTI, next to vintage Volkswagen metal is a positive thing for the community.

Low Mk1 Golfs and wide BBS RS wheels go hand in hand like hot summer days and cold Coca Cola.

This ‘rat-rod’ look is perpetuated by the VW scene in a big way. Love it or loathe it, it’s guaranteed to grab attention.

Super clean and original VWs make up a big part of the VW Nationals. It’s incredible to see the lengths some people have gone to in keeping their treasures totally mint.

It doesn’t get much cooler than wooden roof-racks on a Kombi like this one.

Few other brands can tote a following like Volkswagen can. The fan-base is so dedicated and there is a long history of fan-made paraphernalia in many parts of the world.

I wish we had more information on this crazy drag Beetle. The roll-cage, race slicks and Lexan windows all hint at it being one very serious machine.

Selling your car at the Nationals is a popular thing. It’s nice to know that your old toy is going to another enthusiast.

Formula Vee is one of the most accessible open-wheeler motorsports in Australia. It’s not at all hard to get involved with it when these little racers can be picked up second hand for very small sums.

Nationals organisers allocate spaces for a swap meet every year. The amount of rare VW parts and merchandise had our jaws dropping. Next time we’ll bring our cheque book.

Split window Kombis are held in extremely high regard by VW enthusiasts. Check out this link for one that recently sold for an outrageous price overseas.

More swap meet goodies we would have loved to take home for our shed.

Colour like this is all part and parcel of the VW experience.

Outside in the carpark we found almost as many show-worthy VWs as there were inside the gates! After this year, we can’t wait to do it again in 2012.