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Renowned automotive photographer John Zhang has presented one of his latest sets from Los Angeles, this Audi R8 sitting on limited edition Vossen Wheels.

Vossen Wheels have quickly established themselves as one of the leading high-end manufacturers in the wheel game. Stylish yet functional, the company has built a reputation on producing quality wheels.

The VLE-1 is the first in a limited series of wheels to be released by Vossen. With only 400 sets produced in two classic finishes, the VLE-1 puts a new twist on Vossen’s already established lineup of innovative, concave designs.

The most intrinsic detail of the VLE-1 is the creation of a directional wheel. Producing a directional wheel extends the manufacturing process, requiring four molds instead of one or two for traditional designs. As a result of this directional design, the VLE-1 spins with the direction of the car.

To finish the look, individually-numbered center caps are included to demonstrate both the VLE-1’s exclusivity and the precision craftsmanship from Vossen. A matching fifth center cap is even included with each wheel set, as a memento of the exclusive experience that VLE ownership represents.

Vossen Wheels can be purchased from dealers worldwide, including B.BOSS Wheels in Australia. To see more of John Zhang’s photography work and to purchase prints, visit 1013mm.

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