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When you think of the brand Vorsteiner, their exotic creations such as this Lamborghini Aventador usually spring to mind.

As this photo-set will prove though, their new series of Flow Forged wheels has aced the ‘less is more’ approach for late model European cars.

What we have here is a facelift Audi A5, kitted with an RS5 front end and fenders. Sitting under those fenders are Vorsteiner V-FF 103 wheels which have been finished off in carbon graphite, measuring 20×10 all round to allow for maximum concavity.

With Flow Forged, Vorsteiner is able to bring quality performance wheels at a fraction of the price of forged wheels. This is by using Flow Forged Alloy Technology, which is 25% lighter than a cast construction, whilst being substantially stronger.

Vorsteiner parts and wheels are available from distributors worldwide.


– Wheel Finish: Carbon Graphite
– Wheel Size: 20×10 Front, 20×10 Rear
– Concavity: Concave Profile Front, Deep Concave Profile Rear
– Weight: 21.6 lbs front, 21.6 lbs rear