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Whether you like it or not, the GT-Wing craze is among us. Nowhere more is it evident than the local scene here in Australia. You only need to attend a local car meet to see the towering wings in force.

GT-Wings are popping up everywhere irrespective of them being used for their intended purpose (high speed downforce) and the vast majority of these wings are manufactured by noneother than Voltex Racing Suzuka Japan.

Established back in 1995, Voltex has been manufacturing GT-Wings to order by hand. Each order can be customised from wing style and width, gurney flap additions, end plate heights, wing bracket heights and even the trunk base style meaning every Voltex GT-Wing is truly unique. takes a look at some of the most popular cars in Australia currently fitted with Voltex GT-Wings. Regardless of them being used for their intended purpose, you can’t argue that they do look amazing!

David Lai's GTR

One of the most synonymous cars rocking a Type 5 Voltex wing and taking advantage of that extra downforce is none other than David and his midnight purple R34 GTR.


Our own Mr Zomaya and his EVO also currently have a 1700mm Type 5 Voltex wing fitted with a few added extras such as a gurney flap, extended wing brackets and extended end plates.


Something a little different is Julian’s WRX STi Type H2 Voltex wing, specifically made for hatchback models.

Tilton Interiors EVO

But the holy grail of Voltex wings is none other than the Type 11. This wing is definitely not for the street and used by some of the quickest world time attack cars such as Tilton Interiors Racing EVO and Sutton Brother’s Silvia S15. The Type 11 wing needs to be mounted to the boot frame not just the boot lid and can be ordered up to 2000mm wide!

Sutton Brothers S15

Comment below and tell us what you think of the current GT Wing craze.