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Hailing from California, our latest model is a model, cosmetologist, actress and video star extraordinaire. Melissa Riso was born in 1986 (28 years old) and raised by her father in a nearby town called Salinas after her mother returned to Guam when she was in the fourth grade.

Melissa’s trademark tattoo on her chest was a result of a near death car accident while she was in high school. She broke her spine and suffered internal bleeding in her stomach which required the doctors to perform surgery.

Unfortunately, the surgery left Melissa with a huge scar that even plastic surgery couldn’t fix. So instead, Melissa decided to get a 6 inch tattoo to hide the scar which has now become her signature.

If you think Melissa looks familiar, that’s because she’s the leading lady in several music videos for Xzibit, T.I., Chris Brown, Tyga, Pharrell and even Daft Punk.

To keep up to mate with Melissa, check out her Instagram and Facebook.