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– Words: Ryan Lewis. Photos: MJ Digital.

Selling a long-term project car is never an easy thing to do. No-one knows this better than our friend Dave, who has just parted ways with this incredible S15 after five years of ownership. We wanted to give Dave some mementos, so here’s the shoot we did for him on the eve before it sold.

Dave bought his S15 back in 2006 with the intention of an all-out build. Shopping for a suitable bodykit started more-or-less the moment he had the car in his garage. Dave was a devoted a fan of the Vertex Ridge kit, but a few other keen modifiers managed to beat him to it, so going for the full-house widebody version had to be done. An order was placed with Vertex in Japan for wider front guards, wide front bumper, side skirts, widebody rear guards and the wider rear bar, all of which totalled a small fortune. Each piece came individually numbered with a certificate of authenticity. There’s nothing like buying the real deal.

While waiting for the bodykit pieces to arrive, Dave picked up a nice set of concave TE37s for the Silvia. A few basic performance mods also made their way onto the SR20, like a TRUST cat-back exhaust and intercooler kit.

With the bodykit finished, a new set of wheels had to be ordered to fill the new wider guards. Dave has had a set of TE37s on every car he’s owned, so a quadruplet of the new, and limited, TE37SLs seemed like the only logical choice.

The styling of the Vertex kit is in keeping with the S15s original aggressive lines. The overall stance is much more muscular, the main reason Dave loved it so much. The level of detail on this car is remarkable, with fit and finish that’s second to none thanks to the expertise of Peter from Bodyform. A full respray with Glasurit paint has given this S15 it’s immaculate sheen. The colour is Lexus IS-F Starfire Pearl White.

With the car finished Dave had little time to enjoy it before needing to sell it on. The final product, as far as he was concerned, was the perfect S15 visually. The only thing he would’ve added to the build was an RB26 in place of the SR20 – but there’s always next time. Full spec sheet for this awesome car is below.

– Genuine Vertex Ridge widebody kit
– 18″ Volk Racing TE37 Super Laps & Falken FK452s.
– Glasurit respray in Lexus IS-F Starfire Pearl White
– Genuine carbon fibre Ganador mirrors
– Nismo clear indicators
– Bosch HID 8000k
– TRUST Spec-M FMIC kit
– TRUST diamond shiftknob
– Defi oil temp, oil pressure and water temp gauges
– Defi Control Unit II
– TRUST sandwich plate
– HKS EVC7 electronic boost controller
– Cusco strut braces front and rear
– Cusco brake master cylinder stopper
– TRUST PEII exhaust
– Apex’i turbo timer
– Yashio Factory tail lights
– HKS Performer coilovers