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– Words: David Lai. Photo: Andrew Link.

Tokyo Drift. The very words which are uttered universally each time the Veilside Fortune Widebody RX-7 is seen by anyone. Without a doubt, this kit gained worldwide prominence with motor aficionados by being featured in the third sequel to the iconic movie series, The Fast and the Furious. It’s hard to ignore this carefully crafted masterpiece by Veilside and safe to say that Veilside’s creation completely transforms the RX-7 into somewhat of a supercar figure.

Veilside has definitely outdone themselves on this breathtaking design and there is nothing that we can fault on such beauty. Let’s not forget that under this Veilside shell is one of Japans most famous chassis of the past couple of decades, the FD3S, which holds the infamous Mazda 13B rotary engine – twin turbo charged and ready for assault. When it comes time for putting the power to the tarmac, it is guided by the perfectly fitted VeilSide Andrew EVO-V wheels which are made to an enormous 12” width on the rear and 9” on the front. Can’t get enough of it online? Get a hold of the high resolution desktop wallpaper by clicking here.