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If you’ve got Instagram you’ll notice three types of pictures on your feed. If you’re already a fan of one of those things would be cars, the other two? The infamous selfie and the ‘look what i’m about to eat’ shot. We’re not a fan of either, but when you’re Tianna Gregory and posting selfies, we can make an exception.

Initially making a name for herself on Instagram with 300,000 followers, Tianna Gregory began collaborating with some well-known photographers, one of them being Van Styles.

Having shot Tianna before, Van was eagerly awaiting another opportunity to shoot Tianna again, but was waiting for the right opportunity that would mark something unique for the both of them.

Van Styles was in L.A. for a few months shooting with Copter Pilot (A Helicopter Charter) and had always discussed merging his photography with Copter Pilot’s aerial skills. They were never really sure how they were going to pull it off, until Van decided to introduce Tianna into the picture (literally).

Let’s just say we’re grateful he did.