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United Supply Co is Australia’s connection to the West Coast, delivering the most sort after OG brands with real West Coast heritage. Opening their doors to their first official store front just last month, United Supply Co stocks brands such as Tribal Gear, Joker Brand, Estevan Oriol, Califogrifo, Dickies and just recently, United Supply Co dropped their first official range.

To promote their debut range, United Supply Co decided to use powerhouse pinup model Sabina Kelley and the infamous tattoo artist Nixx with La Rosa (Nixx’ bike). The collaboration was perfect not only for United Supply Co, but for Nixx.

Nixx had spent an enormous amount of time and money building La Rosa to such an incredibly high standard that he didn’t want to shoot her with just anybody, he was looking for a photographer with great experience who also possessed a style that would compliment La Rosa. Tim Caraco was the man for the job and we can certainly agree that Nixx made the right choice in photographer.

For more information on United Supply Co and the brands they stock, visit their website.

Models: Sabina Kelley and Nixx
Photography: Tim Caraco