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– Words: Ryan Lewis. Photos: Stefan Trajkovski.

Every month at Sydney’s Eastern Creek Raceway, dozens of drifters get their rides sideways at a nighttime event called Twilight Drift. Organised by local motorsport outfit, Driving Sports, Twilight Drift has become increasingly popular over the last few months. Last Friday our brand new contributor, Stefan, went out to grab some shots of what could well be the biggest Twilight Drift yet!

The 180SX above is owned by Jack, a member of the Hit n Run drift crew. Before him it was piloted by the tall man in the background of this photo; Alexi Smith of Nori Yaro fame! Alexi was in town on a visit from Japan, and dropped by to grab some shots for Drift Tengoku.

Last year’s Tectaloy Drift Challenge champion was Beau Yates, shown above getting last minute practice runs in ahead of defending his title this Saturday.

The atmosphere in the pits at Twilight Drift is fantastic, with spectators able to roam the garages and see the cars up close in between runs.

Pete of Initial Drift was doing well on the main track in his neatly prepared Sil80. Under lights it was one of the best looking cars out there.

Scrutineering at the front gates can be lengthy, so most people taking part get there well before gates open to make sure they’re through quickly.

Stocks of tyres are obviously a necessity if you’re planning to get a few runs in on the big circuit.

This S14 was a winner with its unusual colour combo.

Tom/Biggie’s 180SX was out on the main track cutting big angles with it’s fresh setup. The list of big dollar and hard to find parts in this build is something to look forward to in our upcoming feature.

With a fresh tune, FU-180 is now making 245rwkW with boatloads of torque and epic power delivery. I rode shotgun for a few runs and can speak first hand about how solidly the new setup performs.

In the pits you can better see the satin finish on this Work wheels clad S14.

Driving Sport’s own FD RX-7 is easily one of the loudest and most obnoxious cars out at Twilight Drift, with a well worn interior speaking volumes about it’s use and abuse.

The taped up guards make it obvious that this machine is built for a purpose, and it’s not here for show.

As well as the drifting, spectators had the chance to wander amongst some very unique and custom rides brought in for the show n shine portion of the event.

The spectacle under lights is awesome for onlookers, with tyre smoke swelling out from the track at all times.

As well as having the big track open for those with power and experience, Twilight Drift also run the wet skid pan for people getting accustomed to drifting, or just without the budget to chew through tyres!

If Silvias are your thing, you won’t know what to do with yourself at Twilight Drift. There are more Nissan’s than you can count out on the tracks.

This Lexus is becoming a favourite for spectators at Twilight Drift thanks to its crazy engine conversion and angry exhaust noise.

Huge thanks to Stefan for capturing the night for us. There is plenty more to come from our newest contributor in the near future.

The rest of our coverage is below. Feel free to leave a comment. We’ll see you at the next Twilight Drift on August 12th!

If you want more, check out the full set available on our flickr.