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– Words: Ryan Lewis. Photos: Sebastian Voll.

“I wanted an Evo ever since I first went for a drive in one. This was before I had a licence. It put a smile on my face as soon as I hopped in.” Well, first impressions last, and in Stephen’s case his first experience set the wheels in motion and it wasn’t long before he was looking for one of his own. “I loved the body lines and wide guards, and the fact that it was AWD turbo. I bought mine before I had my full licence. I had to wait two months until I could drive it legally. It was the longest wait of my life!”

In March it will be two years since Stephen picked his Evo up. He’s spent that time adding to the already strong package, and there’s more in store.

“The first modifications were the coilovers, exhaust, blow-off valve, intake, carbon front lip and Evo IX rear bar.” Good choices to lift the looks and performance of a standard Evo. After that came the wheels and carbon skirts on the side and rear.

“I like to follow the US market very closely. I love the stance scene and low rides. It’s all about being different”

You may have seen shots of this car looking slightly different as these wheels used to be gold. Stephen explains, “One of the wheels got damaged. I was going to fix it but thought while I’m at it I’ll paint them. Always wanted to go teal and decided to make it a little more custom with blue and lilac flakes.”

“At the time the boys and I were in the process of getting our new ‘Acquired Taste’ crew off the ground. Needless to say painting the rims teal definitely fits that.”

“Future mods are camber arms in the rear end and 25mm spacers. I plan to go lower all ’round, fit a roll cage and do more engine work – bigger turbo, cams and a few more bits and pieces to get 300kW with a retune.”

What Stephen has built is a capable daily driver that stands out, even next to other modified Evos. It’s a neat package that does exactly what he wants it to do. “Thanks to all the Acquired Taste boys for the sleepless nights getting the car fixed or ready for events. Prestige Tyre Service for the tyre hookups, Heasmans for the suspension setup, Basser at 2SUS for painting the wheels and everyone else who’s helped me get my car to where it is today.”