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Emphasising their ongoing commitment to high performance tyres, Toyo Tires Japan has unveiled their latest video titled ‘Surprising the world’.

The latest brand film features two Audi R8s wrapped in Toyo Tires’ flagship Proxes T1 Sport. As the duo sear their way through Fuji Speedway at high speed whilst drifting, a clear message is established in aerial view at the end of the video.

“The video embodies everything the company strives for in setting itself apart from the competition,” says Yoshiyuki Morikuni, branding team leader for Toyo Tires.

“We’ll always be pursuing optimal performance with creations that, on the foundation of our unique technological innovations, look to give us an edge over others,” he said.

“This is a video that expresses the spirit of what Toyo provides as a brand – new values and surprises not found elsewhere. ‘Surprising the world’ is loaded with such strong feelings. The video packs a punch, so I really hope that people enjoy it.”

D1GP drivers Masato Kawabata and Akinori Utsumi steer the two R8s as drivers for Team Toyo Tires Drift. Currently, Kawabata competes in a Nissan R35 GT-R, leading the championship pack whilst Utsumi scored a personal best of fifth in the 2013 season rankings.

‘Surprising the world’ is a refreshing take on company brand films and we think Toyo Tires have hit the spot here for their target automotive enthusiasts. For more information on Toyo Tires, check out their global and Australian website.

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