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If you follow, you would of noticed by now that Tianna Gregory is one of our favourite models of 2015. We stumbled across this amazing set from photographer Martin Murillo of Tianna Gregory playing a game of Twister.

We don’t think we’ve met anybody who hasn’t heard of or played Twister; the game where the people are the players.

Brought to market back in 1964, Twister was highly controversial with many referring to it as “Sex in a Box”. For two years Twister struggled with sales due to it’s “risque” nature and was on the verge of becoming discontinued.

That was untill in 1966 Eva Gabor and Johnny Carson played the game on The Tonight Show. A game that was struggling for marketing and on the verge of bankruptcy received the ultimate PR boost it was looking for. The following day, dozens of people were lining up outside gaming stores to pick up their copy of Twister.

Two years later, Twister was awarded ‘Game of the Year’ in 1967.

Now with Twister almost 50 years old, Martin Murillo has teamed up with Tianna Gregory to bring us this colourful shoot. Tianna sure looks quite flexible, but we’d be keen to play a game of Twister with her!

You can follow Tianna Gregory on her Instagram.

Photography by Martin Murillo.