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Meet the Tesla Model M, an electric motorcycle that we could one day see from the $20 billion dollar company. Whilst most concepts and early renders rarely come to fruition, they provide an advanced look into what the future could hold, and if this is anything to go by, it’s looking supercharged for Tesla.

The renowned success of the Tesla Model S has taken taken the automotive industry by storm, so it would be no surprise if Tesla were to research the real possibility of an electric motorcycle.

This concept features a 150kW electric motor with four modes controlled by a computer – Race, Cruise, Standard and Eco. Lithium-ion batteries are mounted to the aluminium frame, which ride on carbon fibre wheels to reduce weight.

Suspension is handled by mono shocks at the rear and upside down forks at the front. As electric motors produce all of the torque from 0 RPM, there’s no transmission on this one.

Designer Jans Slapins is responsible for this concept and whilst it’s not official, we’re definitely excited to see whether Tesla explores new territory with motorcycles. To see more of Jans’ work, visit his website.