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– Words: Jason Hanif. Photos: Steven Le

The Tokyo Auto Salon franchise is one of the biggest modified automotive shows in the world with a 27 year history behind it. Not only is it home to some of the wildest JDM rides, but it’s also the proving ground for aftermarket manufacturers who bring a wide range of styles to exhibit.

This year’s TAS show held up to tradition. We’ve seen via other online coverage that the growing van scene and the ongoing gravity defying cambered VIP (bippu) scene are hugely popular. Honda’s newly launched CR-Z is bound to be a big hit, with many modified versions appearing from different aftermarket manufacturers. The Rolls Royce from Junction Produce stood out as a reminder of the brands legacy, whilst the Super Made S15 was one of our favourites from the show.

Photographer Steven Le was on hand to bring all the action from the show. Check out the rest of TAS 2011 below and be sure to save those panoramic shots!

Time Attack S15, dry carbon, GCG Turbo from down under.

Find the full set on our flickr.