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– Words: Ryan Lewis. Photos: MJ Digital.

Hands down, no other event has more Aussie motoring character in it than Summernats. For better or worse, it’s the most anticipated event by all Aussie horsepower fanatics. The Summernats Car Festival has been running for a quarter of a century, and every year delivers the loudest three-and-a-half day weekend of burnt rubber, race fuel and rock ‘n’ roll. Up to 1500 elite street machines descend on Canberra, followed by 85,000 adoring fans. People bask in tyre smoke clouds and the smell of bourbon for as far as the eye can see. Bet your bottom dollar that Summernats has everything to do with Australia’s passionate love of V8s and burnouts. Automotive tomfoolery is our business. We spent last weekend soaking up the wonder that is Summernats for the first time. It was unlike anything else we’ve experienced. No words will quite capture the spectacle in its entirety, so here’s our photographic guide to Australia’s number one horsepower party.