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– Words: Ryan Lewis. Photos: Sebastian Voll.

Modified car owners are a dime a dozen these days. We are everywhere. Some do it very well, lots do not, and it’s only now and then that we meet a car owner who totally gets it. Christina is one of those modifiers in the last category. Her love for cars is so organic that we often forget she’s a member of the fairer gender. No doubt there are girls out there who understand and appreciate cars, but they’re far outnumbered by the boys. All the more reason for us to stand back and admire Christina’s Golf.

It’s not really necessary for us to draw attention to any of the above, because Christina’s car speaks for itself. It stands on its own four feet as one of Australia’s most outstanding VWs. Christina is a designer by trade, so she has a grasp on aesthetics that is immediately apparent. We caught up with her for a chat about SUGA and how it came to be.

“Before this I had an NC MX-5. I got sick of how impractical it was; so small and I couldn’t fit anything in it. The Golf R32, in my eyes, was the perfect daily – a mixture of luxury and sports. I started modding it straight away.” Window tints came first to break the ice, then Newing Alpil wheels from Japan powder coated in black. The objective was a JDM styled Euro.

“I bought a Newing carbon fibre front valance, carbon mirror covers and carbon front lip from OSIR to get a black, white and carbon look. Some other minor mods came about but one of the most significant was the Kreissieg exhaust.” For those unfamiliar, Kreissieg are one of the biggest names in exhaust systems for exotics. Based in Japan they produce kits for Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches, Bentleys and the rest of the automotive elite. “The Golf was more or less the lowest model of car that they cater for. They pride themselves on making the ultimate ‘F1’ note.”

“No one in Australia at the time had one of these exhausts, and I don’t believe anyone has brought one in since, so as far as I know my R32 is the only one like it in the country.” Christina’s Kreissieg uses their traditional ‘Valvetronic’ system making it possible to adjust the exhaust volume at the touch of a button. That seemed like a great feature to have for staying under the radar, “but these days I just leave it on loud all the time,” Christina smiles.

If you’re reading this and dreaming of your own Kreissieg, take note that it’s not for the faint-hearted. “It cost a little over $8,000 to bring over plus installation. People thought I was crazy to spend so much money on just an exhaust. I must admit that I thought it was a little crazy too. However, since it’s been on the car I’ve never for a moment had a regret. It really brings a smile to my face every time I drive my car. Tunnels are my favourite!”

Mods trickled through after that; Bilstein coilovers, Gruppe M intake, carbon interior inserts and beauty bezels, until it eventually came to a halt. “I kept the car like this for a while, but I started itching to do something different. I wanted a change. I had been thinking about airbags since all the US guys were doing it, and I really wanted to try it out. Previously I felt like it was far too complicated and lacking in technical support, but after getting in touch with BagRiders it was so easy that I had to do it. The whole kit came within a week of ordering it and after another week of installation I had a bagged R32 Golf.

“I was completely surprised by how well it handled on the bags. It more or less feels the same as the Bilsteins. I was willing to compromise handling so this was a huge bonus. To match my new bagged look I ordered Work Meisters to cap it all off. Three-piece, black centre, anodised dish and black rivets. I love them.”

More and more Aussies are flocking to Golfs and having a crack at modifications, we love it, but not many will get it this right. You might think that the formula is simple, and it is, but the execution is crucial. If you’re ever stuck for inspiration just come back here and take a close look at SUGA.



– GruppeM Induction Kit
– Torque arm insert
– Kreissieg Valvetronic Exhaust system (Laser Wolf VT remote switchtable F1 & Silent mode)
– Viezu ECU Tune

– Work Meisters S1 3P
Front: 19 x 8.5 +44 (L)
Rear: 19 x 8.5 +48 (O)
– Pirelli Nero Zero 215/35/19
– Rolled guards
– H&R 26mm Rear Sway Bar
– Hawk Ceramic Brake Pads
– DBA 4000 Slotted Rotors

AccuAir TouchPad™ system with e-Level 
– Air Lift Slam fronts
– Air Lift Performance Rears
– Air Lift Rear shocks
– Viair 400C compressor
– 5 Gallon Raw aluminum tank
– 8 gauge power kit
– Water trap
– Touchpad™ Controller (Electroless Nickel or Black Anodize) w/ 20 ft USB cable- ride height sensors w/ linkage
– Controller ECU
– VU4 4-Corner Valve Unit
– Ride height sensors with linkage
– 4-Corner height sensor harness
– 4-Corner solenoid valve harness
– Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware Package
– 40 amp relay(s) for your compressor(s)
– Complete fitting pack
– Inflation valve and drain cock
– Digital pressure sensor
– 3/8″ air line
– Anodized end caps with corrosion resistant paint on the struts

– Newing carbon rear valance
– OSIR carbon side mirror shells
– OSIR carbon front diffuser
– Stubby Antenna
– Gloss black r32 grill
– OEM LED Tail Lights
– LED License Plate lights

– Factory black leather
– OSIR carbon interior inserts
– ECS Tuning billet aluminum trim rings
– 20% tint
– S2T Paddle Shifter Extension
– RNS-510