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– Words: Jason Hanif & Ryan Lewis. Photos: Viet Le.

Amongst all the online outfits advocating for and promoting the latest in modifying trends, Stanceworks stands tall as an authority on all that is flush. Last weekend our friends in Victoria held the second Stanceworks meet on our shores. Plenty of first class cars came out to take part in the showcase on what was a gorgeous Melbourne day. All attendees were thoroughly entertained with plenty of shenanigans in a private location. Most rides on show were specifically invited to remind us all of Melbourne’s position as a car community full of influential quality.

Stanceworks’ presence in Melbourne has grown to represent the southern scene in a way that can only be described as individual. Initially known as ‘The Lowly Gents’, this group has been directly responsible for improving the quality of cars associated with the brand down under. We’ve already seen some of their work showcased on the international Stanceworks website, and we anticipate plenty more quality collaborations as they branch out to other states.

One of the main initiators of the Australian Stanceworks chapter, Oxer is also the owner of the infamous red Civic which has plagued the pages of Stanceworks before. His car illustrates what the original Lowly Gents crew was all about and despite a number of major defects, his Civic always manages to come back bigger and better.

Our resident Melbourne photographer, Viet Le, recently completed this S2000 you see below. It’s been coated with fresh new platinum-pearl white paint, and enhanced with Project Mu brakes, Volk CE28 wheels, Voltex rear diffuser and a plethora of J’s Racing engine advancements. This S2000 is one menacing machine on both the street and the track.

The Team Agentz crew rolled out in force for the event. Based around VIP-style modifications, this team consists of Audis, BMWs and Hondas as well as other luxury marques. Standout cars on the day included their recently finished Audi A8, an Audi A6 with ADV.1s, a 3 Series BMW as well as an air-bagged Honda Odyssey owned by Dan, one of the group’s founders. You can expect to see more from these guys in the upcoming months right here at home on T-LD.

Plenty more coverage from the event can be found below. Special thanks to our photographer Viet Le for bringing us these quality shots, you can also check out the full set on our flickr.