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Australians love their cars, but in typical Aussie fashion the process of sourcing the expertise, products and knowledge needed to be a savvy car-owner has been hopelessly out-dated for a long time.


Now though, freeing the drivers of Australia from the shackles of mechanic mark-ups, limited choice and a clunky system for buying parts and products, Spares Box has exploded into the market.


Thoroughly modern and ready to revolutionise the way Australians repair, modify or rejuvenate their vehicles, Spares Box offers a totally interactive experience for buying premium vehicle parts, car care products and pretty much everything else you could want to put on your car.


With a list of over 300,000 products readily available and the ability to search for parts catered specifically for your vehicle, Spares Box puts the control of selecting, buying, and fitting their parts back in the hands of the customer, all at warehouse prices.


The process is super-simple. You enter your make, model and year, which you can save on your account for next time, search the parts you need (all while knowing you have a 100% fitment guarantee if you become a member for free), chuck it in your cart and pay however works for you. Once you receive your goodies, how you choose to use them is up to you. You can either give them to your mechanic to install, or fit them yourself.


If there are any issues, that’s simple too. Spares Box gives you free returns for anything that didn’t fit right, breaking down the main barrier for most people while buying auto parts online.


Never has such a massive list of products been so readily at the fingertips of customers, and Spares Box has everything, from car scents and pet seat covers, to performance exhausts and parts for some of the world’s most performance-oriented vehicles.