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The custom scene in Japan has no limits. We’ve seen this countless times with Liberty Walk and through recently exploring the bike scene with Ken’s Factory Special. In contrast to these examples, we now bring you the understated Honda CB500T by Heiwa.

The first thing you’ll notice is how low this 1974 CB sits. The front forks have been lowered here with shorter rear shocks whilst the rear of the frame has seen extensive modifications.

Being a custom bike from Hiroshima in Japan, Heiwa sell select parts direct to the public. Some of those parts can be found on this bike including the handlebars and tailights, the grips and a small speedo which is mounted on the front.

Going for a vintage look, the wheels were changed to Avon SM Mark II, finished in a classic black surround to match the frame. Silver leaf pinstriping can be seen upon closer inspection as part of the rest of the bikes paint scheme.

The CB500T’s twin motor had a pair of aftermarket filters fitted with wiring reworked. A newly fabricated stainless steel exhaust pipe was then fitted, redirecting both pipes to the right side of the bike.

The principle behind Heiwa’s CB500T is one we quite often like to see replicated with our street cars. Modify the motor, clean the exterior with some new aesthetic parts, get new wheels and slam it! A perfect happy median for any build.