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If you’re a regular T-LD reader then you’ll share our appreciation for the custom creations that come from Singer Vehicle Design. Their bespoke projects are always a work of art, and this ‘United Kingdom’ edition is no exception!

Getting straight to business, this 911 is powered by a hand built 3.8 litre engine capable of 360 HP mated to a six speed manual transmission.

The 964 Carrera’s body weighs in approximately 211 kilograms less than a regular Carrera 2, thanks to the majority of metal panels being replaced with carbon fibre.

The attention to detail in this example is one of the finest we’ve ever seen, with leather in all inserts including the half-cage at the back.

Details include the custom citrus paint job inside out, along with an actively aerodynamic rear pop-up wing to help keep the car planted at speed.

Since 2009, Singer has focused on their obsession to develop and meticulously restore air-cooled 911’s. This example here took over 4,000 hours to create.