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– Words: Jason Hanif & Ryan Lewis. Photos: Matyas Fulop & SB Captures.

Showcased has been run and won, and finally we’ve been able to sit down and put together our wrap-up. Never did we expect our first proper event to go off with such a bang. After the reception Showcased received we’d like to say a very big ‘Thanks!’ right from the beginning of this post to all of you who came out to be a part of it and make it the great day that is was. We’ve assembled a selection of shots from two photographers out there on the day, Matyas Fulop and Simpson Tien, but if these aren’t enough make sure you check out our Facebook page as there are hundreds more of them linked on there!

When THE-LOWDOWN began over two years ago, we couldn’t have imagined that this is where we’d be today. For us, Showcased was a big deal. It called upon those who have followed the blog in cyberspace to actually come and be involved with something we’re doing in the real world. There was no guaranteeing that it would work, but we wanted to do our best to put on a show that represented everything we’ve shown on the blog and more.

Showcased wouldn’t have been possible without our major sponsor, Xtreme Motorsports. We’d like to thank them for their support and assistance. A number of their GT-Rs were on display including an R35 GT-R, R34 GT-R S-Tune, R34 GT-R V-Spec II, R34 GT-R M-Spec and of course their Hakosuka which made its first appearance outside their workshop at the show.

Sydney’s iconic CBD was the backdrop from our spot on the rooftop at the Entertainment Quarter. Coupled with ideal weather conditions and a spectacular sunset, we were all treated to a Saturday surrounded by cars in the perfect atmosphere.

Michael Zomaya’s Evo IX has been under construction for about a year and a half, and we were lucky enough to have it debut at Showcased. Peter from Bodyform has created the ultimate one-off creation which has lived up to high expectations. It’s extremely aggressive and must be seen in person to be fully appreciated. To give you an idea, the front fenders are customized APR Evil R fenders, adding 45mm in width. The rears are customized Do-Luck panels adding 55mm in width. A long list of further custom parts is what makes this the perfectly executed custom car. We’ll have plenty more details available on the car soon.

Sergio’s S15 was out on display representing All Stars alongside the Zen Garage stand. Sunny weather had the Midnight Purple III paint glistening all day long. Check out those blue and purple hues!

Amazing paintwork wasn’t the only thing grabbing attention all day long. All Stars in collaboration with Zen Garage organised for the one and only Jeri Lee to model at Showcased!

One of the most amazing things about Showcased was the number of interstate entries. Charlie’s incredible turbo MX-5 was just one of a fleet of cars that drove down overnight from Queensland to be a part of it.

Leading up to the event, and even before the announcement of Showcased, a number of workshops were dropped subtle hints about the announcement of our show. The crew from JDMYard have put countless hours of hard work into their infamous DC5, and it’s paid off. This is the first show appearance the car has made and we’re pleased to finally see it in full running form. Props to Yonas and the crew for putting in all the hard work to have the car finished and running in time for Showcased.

Another car to make a debut in its new form at Showcased was Hendra’s WRX. Since we last caught up with Hendra, his car has undergone some major cosmetic surgery once again. J Racing has re-done the widebody and finished it off in a gunmetal grey. Hendra has also added a Voltex wing and bonnet, along with a cage. Aggressive!

Andrew Hawkins brought down his S14 known as JET200. This WTAC competitor recently broke the S-chassis track record at Wakefield Park with a crazy 1:02 laptime. We’re expecting big things at Sydney Motorsport Park next month.

Serdar’s K-Series EK Civic was on display with the rest of the JDMYard crew. These guys have really gone the extra mile with their setups inside and out.

Mohammad DubDub’s EG Civic is strongly USDM influenced and executed to the highest standard. This is one of the cleanest Civics we’ve seen around Sydney and we were delighted to have it at Showcased. Word is that it won’t be NA for much longer.

As well as the five GT-Rs we showed you earlier, Joe from Xtreme brought along a broad range of his other cars including this Mazda Cosmo on SSRs. This is one of many rare imports he has hung onto and demonstrates Xtreme’s passion for Japanese cars of all kinds. Joe has restored this one along with the Hakosuka shown earlier and added it to his personal collection.

The diversity of our blog and the Sydney car scene allows us to feature all sorts of rides from different ends of the spectrum. After winning at the 2012 Evo Nationals, Jason Naidoo and his race-prepped Mitsubishi were out to display the car’s achievements.

Another one-off, all custom widebody car present at Showcased was this S2000 owned by John. Fabricated by Gary Kirk, the kit flows well with the OEM parts on the car.

Despite being the middle of winter, the top was down and it stayed that way!

Team Agentz made the trek up from Melbourne and represented their crew at Showcased. Here we have Dan’s air-suspension ‘Bippu’ VIP style Honda Odyssey.

Alongside that was Raymond’s new 5-series which we’ve been keen to see since he sold his 3-series earlier this year.

Possibly the coolest of the ’80s rides out on the day was this E30 on Hartge wheels. Timeless good looks.

We finally had the opportunity to meet both Reece and his amazing Toyota Camry. Seeing this car roll onto the rooftop during bump-in was a highlight for us. 19 x 9.5 SSR’s up front and 19 x 10 on the rear is almost unheard of on a Toyota Camry.

BMW’s E46 3-series will no doubt become as sought after down the track as E30s are now. Here’s Nick Tabeta’s one sporting some of the craziest fitment at the show.

There aren’t many places where you’ll find BMWs like those above alongside time-attack builds like this Silvia in the same place for one purpose. We’re proud of the diversity of cars we feature on the blog, and Showcased had to reflect that.

Not long ago we brought you the build of Matthew Robinson’s time attack S14. Those who saw that feature were finally able to look at this impressive car up close and in person; the best way to appreciate all the details.

Shane’s Supra was one of the first features we ever did, and has been a favourite with our readers ever since. Although Shane was unable to make it himself, he still made sure that his car was there!

Blake’s Lotus Exige S had us drooling. Such an unbelievably small car when you’re standing next to it, but huge presence! Big thanks to Blake for coming out so early to help us set up.

Speaking of big presence, Charlie’s car looked amazing on the rooftop. His turbo setup has been in the build for some time, but everything was sorted just in time for him to make the trip to Sydney.

Another super clean EG representing the Honda scene in Sydney. Those steel wheels are a unique touch.

Dean’s Liberty is another one of our favourites. The wagon shape of this Subaru is so spot on, and with that front lip, dropped height and BBS wheels this is the perfect daily drive.

You couldn’t go far on the rooftop without having your attention drawn back to this Datsun. One of the most popular cars in show!

Hendra’s bug-eye WRX completely changed the way we think about this Impreza shape. Easily the best looking example we’ve seen on the road.

Representing for Streetkarnage out of Queensland, Alex’s Golf nailed the OEM+ look with a set of original FPV wheels.

Nico’s Lamborghini Murciélago LP640 stunned the crowds on the day, as you would expect.

Aaron’s M3 won the award for best European car in show. The attention to detail on this car is truly next level.

Kim also also came along with Aaron, with her amazing boosted 3-series convertible. Power couple!

JET200 has been through many different stages over the last few years. It’s essentially been three different cars all in the same shell. You can read more about it in our previous feature story.

Bill’s Evo is a unique MR RS model, manufactured by Mitsubishi with minimal weight and motorsport in mind. The full Voltex kit on this one hasn’t hurt it!

SX Developments are responsible for most of the aero on this S14, and all of it is track tested.

Turbo S2000s are a rare sight in Australia when compared to the US. Kits for the left hand drive models are no good for our Aussie cars, so custom made is the only way to go. This one is among the best we’ve seen downunder.

You know that Lamborghini above? Well Nico also owns this NSX. Yep. We wish we had his garage, too. Both cars were present throughout the course of the day.

Skylines Australia brought out some of the neatest Skylines we’ve ever seen including this amazing R34 on Nismo LMGT4s and a mint R33 on CE28s.

As well as the white Hakosuka from Xtreme, Kevin was there with his truly amazing C10 Skyline. We’re not exaggerating when we say this is one of the rarest cars in Australia.

Gorgeous from top to toe, the triple carby fed L-series under the bonnet is impressive even by modern standards.

As the sun set on Showcased no-one seemed eager to leave. The crowd was strong all through the day.

Talk has already started about another Showcased in 2013, so if you have a project in the pipeline, set your sights for that.

With the number of amazing cars on show, our photographers just couldn’t get shots of all of them. We’d like to make special mention of the Stanceworks and Built To Order guys who both brought a killer crew of cars and people to the show. If you’re looking for more shots check out the feature over on Stance:Nation.

Classic vs Modern. We couldn’t help but set these two up for a quick snap at the end of the day.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who were a part of the event. Our major sponsor, Xtreme Motorsports. Our award and prize pack sponsors, MotorActive/Meguiars. Our event planner, Ellie from Bubblegum Events. Our vendors Disk Brakes Australia, Just Car Insurance, Monster Energy, Motive DVD and Zen Garage. Special thanks all interstate and rural NSW visitors who planned and drove hours to be there. Agentz, Stanceworks, Streetkarnage, Zero Clearance and each and every other entrant into Showcased. Everyone who spent countless hours preparing and setting up their cars for the display. Last but most definitely not least, thanks to you for making it out to Showcased. We couldn’t have done it without you.

See you next year!


– Japanese Performance: Jason, Entrant 126, Bodyform Nissan S15 Silvia, BPROOF

– European Class: Aaron Vumbaca, Entrant 184, BMW M3, 00343

– Perfect Fitment: Chookie, Entrant 108, Built To Order Lexus GS300, BO55GS

– #1 Car Club: Stanceworks Australia

– Border Crossers: Street Karnage

– People’s Choice: Albert Nghiem, Entrant 102, Cars For Hope Honda Integra DC2R, NR11CH

– Best in Show: Nathan Ross, Entrant 037, TRD JZ80 Supra

Meguiars 3M Winners:

– Stephen Blake, Entrant 088, Corona

– Reece, Entrant 080, Agentz Toyota Camry

– Hendra Parulian, Entrant 027, J Racing Subaru WRX

– Mohammad DubDub, Entrant 104, JDMYard Honda Civic