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As far as iconic modern Japanese sports cars are concerned, The Toyota JZA80 Supra has to be one of the most recognisable and favoured amongst tuner communities. For die-hard Toyota fan, Shane Standley, it’s a case of third time lucky with this amazing piece of JDM machinery.

Whether your love them or hate them, there’s no getting away from the fact that Supras have presence. Personally I have so much admiration for the 2JZ-GTE motor that lurks under the flagship JZA80s bonnet, but it seems like most people who own them have such a hard time modifying them in a tasteful manner. That is, of couse, with the exception of this particular car. Shane has kept true to the original lines and appearance of this model, adding only just enough to give it the staunch stance you see now. It doesn’t take much more than those huge 19×10.5″ TE37s and some guard work to make it look more aggressive than an untrained bulldog.

Performance wise this car has got the works, and produces an extremely reliable 310+kW at the rear wheels. The rear half of it’s interior has been gutted, and in place of the rear seats sits a padded half cage for rollover protection and rigidity. A rare and beautiful TRD dash cluster gives the cockpit-like driver’s seat a unique touch. There’s no aspect of this car that hasn’t been altered in some way to Shane’s discerning tastes. It’s a true thing of beauty and we’re proud to bring you this feature.

Our good friend Justin Fox, founder of JDM Style Tuning (among other things), took some time aside with Shane to ask him a few questions about his history with cars and the build up of this Supra.

Justin: The JDM scene was fairly new in 2005 and people were still exploring louder and wilder JDM Style body modifications. Despite that I spotted your Lexus at one of the first JDMST meets, it was so clean, less is more. If I remember right you also had your car shot by Easton Chang and featured in Speed Magazine too?

Shane: Yep. I bought the IS200 to “settle down with cars” but couldn’t stand the lack of power so I added a 1JZGTE. [laughs] Speed did a feature and yes, Easton took the pics.

Justin: That car was so right. At the time it might not have turned as many heads as it would today (though I remember the next owner whacking on chrome wheels the day he bought the car?). How do you explain how it came together?

Shane: It all just came together without a plan. Initially I wanted a black IS200 with some big chromies. At the time that was my idea of a ‘scene changing car’ but then since the car was white I had to make it JDM.

I was lucky the car came with the optional lip kit (known incorrectly as a TRD kit), so all I added was a TRD grill and some wheels. That’s all it needed. The new owner met up with me at Tempe Tyres as the agreed sale price didn’t include the wheels. I was pretty shattered with the wheels he went for, they were the worst of the chromies on offer! [laughs]

Justin: [laughs] You’re a Toyota man, why and what did you have before the Lexus?

Shane: Yes, big Toyota fan! Before the IS200 I had an N/A Supra, an EP82 GT Starlet, an RA23 Celica and my first car was the hand me down Camry. [laughs]

When my dad wanted to buy a brand new car, he was tossing up between a Magna and a Camry (this was in 1990 and I was 9). I wanted him to get the Magna and I probablywould have been a Mitsubishi man if he had – but our neighbor recommended the Camry. I guess being the only male child in the family, and doing a lot of things withmy dad such as fishing and soccer, I just wanted to be like him. [laughs]

Justin: So you’re driving another Supra now. It’s pretty rare to find people going back to a car they’ve already previously owned and modified. I’ve personally wantedto go back to an MX-5 for ages, but there are just so many more cars I’ve yet to try and the temptation to try something new always gets the better of me.

Shane: I guess that’s the downside of being obsessed with a brand. You’re always reluctant to try anything else which is bad because I like other cars. I’m just abiased bastard! I’ve loved the Supra ever since I saw one in Unique Cars magazine when I was in Year 9. Back then it was 90k. When I could eventually afford an N/A Igot it. It was a great car but I always lusted after the twin turbo.

I later found and bought a red Supra twin turbo quite cheaply but I had always said that red was the worst colour. I sold the red Supra to buy an engagement ring. That and I didn’t like the red. The goal was to eventually get a black one and now here I am.

Justin: I am against red cars too. [laughs] You’re not a show pony kinda guy. You’ve been a bit of a track whore for years now and I get the vibe that with this car you’re not going to fuss too much about perfection considering you track the thing. Have track days changed that outlook for you?

Shane: I have really enjoyed tracking the Supra. It’s a car no one considers to be fast around the circuit and even I had my doubts. But that first Wakefield track day I took it to I did 1:08 and that quickly changed my mind. I started to not care about the body as much since my plan was to respray the car eventually but now I think to myself, ‘what for?’

Justin: 1:08! Nice! You’ve also gone through a lot of trial and error, a lot of wheels. It’s pretty obvious you love modifying cars as you go. I also assume a lot of the wheels and parts come in through your own company Gorilla Industries?

Shane: 1:07.7 is my best time to date. Yes Gorilla Industries is a side thing with a friend of mine. I’m a trader on the Supra and MR2 forums. I think ‘love’ is not the word. I think I have a problem. ANY car I have or plan to get I’ve already started looking for parts. I’ve just bought Enkei wheels for my wife’s Echo and now I’m looking for a supercharger kit for it too. I’m looking to buy a daily car (Toyota Celsior) and even though I haven’t properly considered one, I’m already looking for some big wheels for it!

Justin: Sounds perfectly normal to me Shane! Makes it harder for you too that you have direct access to Japan too right?

Shane: I’m sure you understand where I come from. I think you are worse than me! [laughs]

Justin: So speaking of the wife; any juicy morsels in regards to managing love for partners and cars?

Shane: The wife is cool with it. I’ve tried to restrict myself to only use business money to spend on the car instead of my everyday job income but my business partner is smarter than I am with money. He wants to keep the business money for further business development so its like I have two wives now. [laughs]

When Shane’s Supra isn’t menacing Sydney’s streets, it’s out on the track putting down some serious times, below you can find images of his track setup.