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– Words: Ryan Lewis. Photos: MJ Digital.

Our mate Tendy isn’t one to make a lot of fuss. He’s a no nonsense bloke, and when it comes to cars he knows what he likes. You know the saying ‘money can’t buy taste’? Well it’s bloody true; so it’s refreshing to see someone who has the means to go a bit wild on a brand new car doing it with class and elegance.

Trainspotters will know straight away what this is – a Volkswagen Scirocco R. Us humble Aussie’s have had to wait patiently for VW to get their act together and import these to our local dealers, but Tendy wasn’t prepared to hold out for that. He’s had this one since February 2011 when Scuderia Imports took delivery on his behalf.

Tendy is the first to admit that he has a bit of a wheel addiction. After dropping the car significantly with some KW coilovers, it was on to the footwork. “Wheels are like shoes or sneakers,” Tendy says. “Some people collect them.”

‘Some people’ includes Tendy, who has been through four sets of wheels on this car alone in the last twelve months. Autotechnik have been the main supplier for Tendy’s addiction, bringing in a set of forged two-piece TWS EXspur EX-fv 19″ in black to start off with.

After that Tendy went a bit trendy with a set of 19″ ADV1 8.1 wheels also in black. The next set, pictured in our shots here, moved away from the black on black theme. They’re Volk Racing G12s, also supplied by Autotechnik.

Tendy hasn’t passed on the specifics of this setup, but they’re 19″ in diameter like all the others, and look stunning. We haven’t seen another set of G12s surface in Australia thus far.

Under the hood you’ll find some HPA Motorsport “bits and pieces”, to quote Tendy directly. As you can see, he’s not one to get caught up in the mods too much.

A custom dump pipe off the Scirocco’s turbo feeds an ARQRAY titanium cat-back exhaust system.

Inside, there isn’t much worth doing given the ultra-high quality of standard kit supplied by Volkswagen

The seats are as beautiful as they are comfortable and functional. We wouldn’t mess with this either.

A few carbon fibre finishing bits have found their way in from Rennenhaus. You also shouldn’t miss the subtle Garage Vary add-ons for the outside.

Since our shoot Tendy has switched out the Volk Racing G12s for another set of silver rims; 2011 Anniversary Edition BBS LM-Rs in 19×9.5″. Very nice indeed.

“Tinkering with cars has always been a hobby of mine,” says Tendy. “I find it’s a good way to release stress and have a good laugh with mates.” We like the way Tendy does things; no need for fanfare or drama – just passion. Tendy would like to say thanks to his friends and family, Budi at Autotechnik, Alessio from City Performance Centre and Sam at Scuderia Imports.