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Words: Ryan Lewis. Photo: MJ Digital.

If you like Nissan, you love Nismo. It goes without saying. Nissan’s motorsport arm have modified every Nissan worth racing and developed hundreds of parts to make them all go faster, stop better and turn corners quicker. The R34 GT-R is still our favourite Nissan despite it’s¬†obsolescence, and the Nismo built¬†varieties make us weak at the knees. Xtreme Motorsports in Sydney have recently unveiled this extremely special GT-R S-Tune and we couldn’t wait to give you a look at it.


Most of you will be familiar with the GT-R Z-Tune, but before that Nismo built and released two other models, the S-Tune and R-Tune. Put together by hand at the Nismo factory in Omori, Tokyo, the S-Tune took full advantage of the Nismo upgrade catalogue.

The S-Tune’s enhanced RB26 was known as the S1 and with 16psi running through it made 400hp. For passionate fans like us this is one of the most desirable cars in Australia. If you’re in Sydney this weekend make sure you get to Showcased and check it out in person. You will not be disappointed. Until then make the most of our hi-res wallpaper above.