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– Words: Ryan Lewis. Photos: Marcel Lech.

It often amazes me how small the world has become. There are car fanatics everywhere, yet even those in the most far flung corners of the earth know what’s going on when it comes to trends in car modification. While major styling influences are consistent more or less worldwide, every community tends to interpret them in their own way and establish their own fads. Then every so often something comes along and sweeps the global car community off its feet. A couple of years ago that thing was RAUH-Welt Begriff. As RWB’s popularity soared there was a mad dash for fans who could afford one to have the first RWB Porsche built in their given country.

Diehard followers will know RWB existed long before most of the world caught on. Head honcho Akira Nakai cut his teeth tuning AE86 Corollas on Japanese mountain touge before adopting air-cooled 911s as his platform of choice.

For a long time there was no way to commission your own RWB unless you lived in Japan and could personally visit the shop on the outskirts of Tokyo. All that changed a few years back when Nakai-san started what you could basically call his world tour, jetting from country to country building new wide-body masterpieces as he went.

The 993 seen here was the very first RWB to be built in Canada and is now known as Royal Ocean. Nakai-san is extremely protective of his reputation, so much so he flies in to build each car personally. “[The owner] has become personal friends with Nakai-san,” our photographer tells us. “He will not just build an RWB Porsche for anyone. In order to be considered an application needs to be submitted and Nakai-san will review for consideration.”

Work started on this car in January 2012. Scan Automotive in North Vancouver hosted the now legendary Porsche builder while he worked his magic. The finished car fits the classic RWB mould replete with huge rear wing and ultra-wide flares.

“It took Nakai-san seven full 12-hour days to finish this Porsche to perfection as evident by the final product. The owner, who has been an avid car fanatic his whole life, was there to watch Nakai-san build his Porsche from scratch.”

All those privileged enough to have witnessed an RWB take form have described Nakai-san as a perfectionist. “He removed the wheels 30-40 times when making modifications to the fender for precise fitment with the guard, and for the aggressive wheel fitment RWB Porsches typically have.”

“The design purpose of all RWB-built Porsches is that they not only need to look good, but also be very functional.” Nakai-san has formed a community around him made up of those who own the cars he has built in Japan. Regular race meetings bring the community together and get the cars out on track.

Under the signature RWB arches you’ll find the requisite 18″ Work Meisters measuring 14″ wide at the back and wrapped in 335-section Michelin Pilot Super Sport tyres. Canada’s first RWB proudly wears the class licence plates above, no alternative identity necessary.

“After the majority of bodywork was complete the 993 was painted in the factory Iris Blue colour. The cost of the paintwork alone was CAD$15,000. The kit was CAD$30,000 and can only be installed by the one and only Nakai-san himself.”

“It’s estimated that there is at least 80 RWB Porsches in the world, and each customer is limited to one,” says Marcel. “Nakai-san will choose a colour and a name for your car if you request it so each RWB has its own unique, distinctive look.”

After seeing our fair share of Nakai-san’s creations we’ve almost become used to them. It’s crazy to think that could ever happen with something so out of this world, but featuring this car has reminded us about just how awesome they are. The seemingly simple formula comes together in a very effective way, and each car is set apart in the details. One questions remains, if you could do this to your Porsche, would you?


– Porsche 911 (993)

– 320 horsepower
– Dyno tuned Steve Long performance chip

– RS shifter linkage
– Short gearset

– JRZ Race coilover suspension
– Umbrella lift kit
– H&R swaybars

– Oversized Porsche brake kit

– 18” WORK Meister wheels
– Michelin Pilot Super Sport tyres

– Factory Iris Blue colour
– RWB super wide-body kit
– HID with euro-spec headlights

– Raid steering wheel
– Half cage
– Hard back Porsche RS seats
– Steel floor track mattes