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– Words: Ryan Lewis. Photo: Jordan Donnelly.

There’s no mistaking the profile of a Porsche 911. Every generation cuts a similarly sleek figure; beautifully proportioned, and elegantly purposeful. Modified Porsches hold a special sort of charm, from the most simple and basic examples through to the extravagant and over the top, there’s something about the 911 that makes an enthusiast ache to¬†drive. This particular one more than most.

The 993 could be my personal favourite 911. It was the last Porsche model to use their air-cooled motors, and such a beautiful design. With a few additions they look other-worldly, and the 993 above is a prime example. Bolt on flares, front lip and skirts, big Turbo wing, huge brakes and those gorgeous 19″ Rotiform DAB wheels. Thanks to our mate Jordan Donnelly, you can grab a high resolution desktop wallpaper of this beauty by clicking this link.