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– Words: Jason Hanif. Photos: MJ Digital.

The V&E Rigoli annual dyno days are a treat to attend. There’s always an assortment of unique cars out and it’s great to see an appreciation for different builds out there. This year, we headed out bright and early to spend our day with the crew at V&E Rigoli and once again, they delivered.

A grand total of 82 cars graced the rolling road over the day and diversity was key. Power runs varied between 100kW right through to 600+ kW displaying the range of cars that V&E Rigoli associate themselves with. The atmosphere surrounding these events is always friendly and a wealth of knowledge is available within the community.

Moving onto the cars and perhaps one of the biggest crowd pleasers of the day. Anthony’s got a reputation for using high quality parts and some of the best craftsmanship available on his cars. His R34 GT-R V-Spec II recorded lower than expected readings though still impressed the crowds.

The car ended up placing second overall on the day at 602.9kW. We’ll look into the finer details and take a look at the main components later on in the article.

Here we have a Ford Capri tuned by Vince himself at V&E Rigoli. To our surprise, this car is still street registered and runs 8.2 seconds down the quarter mile. It recorded an evenly impressive 665.1kW (891.9hp) on the day.

The imposing engine bay shows the level of fabrication and custom work performed to get this twin-turbo car where it is.

Fat rubber is necessary to hold all the power and deliver it to the tarmac. Just check out the residue on the rear bar and you know this car means business.

Jason Naidoo and his Evo VIII MR are spotted at most motorsport events and he was out at this years dyno day once again. It put down 323.5kW on all four during the day.

Jason’s a true veteran to the local time attack scene and he anticipates a number of setup changes for his Evo this year. We’ll be catching up with him shortly once some of these changes are completed to see how they’ll help contribute to quicker lap times.

Inside the complex, the carpark was quickly flooded with cars ready to hit the dyno as early as 8am, with spectators just as keen to see some of the high-end builds.

Paul’s matte black S15 has just hit our local roads again after seeing some time off for a rebuild. Although applied some time ago, the matte black paint job brings out the car’s distinct lines perfectly in our opinion.

The whole team at V&E Rigoli and their crew did a commendable job at keeping up with the numbers and executing the event perfectly.

Noah’s Evo IX didn’t get a run on the dyno during the day, but it’s definitely worthy of a mention. In his four years of ownership, he’s been committed to keeping it as a quick reliable street car.

That’s an optimistic outlook considering he’e chasing approximately 500kW. His circuit setup has seen him achieve relatively quick times around Eastern Creek and Wakefield, including a 1:43 and 1:06 respectively.

One quick peek into the interior and you’ll realise that this isn’t your average Evo. Word is that a large 3586 Forced Performance turbo has just been fitted!

A Voltex wing usually sits on the rear boot, however without that, there isn’t much that gives away the setup of the car, giving Noah the versatility of keeping it on the street too.

On the topic of Evos, they were everywhere on the day. Ryan’s Evo VIII MR (pictured to the right) achieved a moderate 202.5kW early on in the day.

Conversations echoed through the whole day with everyone adding their two cents about each car that rolled in and out of the dyno room.

There’s always an anxious look on car owners’ faces just before they dyno their vehicle and see those digits on screen.

Rob Pham’s S2000 is truly admirable. Owning a window tinting business means that he’s pedantic about every panel on the car. There’s only one hint from the exterior that this isn’t your average S2000.

Also tuned by vince, this turbo S2000 measured 285.9kW and its impressive engine bay easily shows its capabilities.

Honda’s S2000 actually has an unusually shaped engine bay with limited space either side of the motor, but plenty of room in front. It’s been used to good effect here.

Another Evo VI about to be run by Vince on the dyno, this one here achieved 181.5kW on the day.

Outnumbered by Evos, this clean Subaru WRX STI put up an impressive 306.4kW with quite a bit of work visible under the bonnet.

Back to Anthony’s ‘Powertune’ GT-R, this R34 build is one that many have been following since it first started back in 2010.

New additions include this impressively fabricated rear diffuser that actually extends almost half-way under the car for real-world downforce advantages.

Rare Nismo wheels are the perfect compliment to the car and a large pair of 6 pot Brembo’s have just been added to the front, with a pair of 4 pots at the rear.

Anticipation spread quickly right before the car pulled an impressive 602.9kW. For those unfamiliar with the vehicle, it’s a 2.8 litre stroker with Brian Crower cams, springs, retainers, valves and cam gears.

The monstrous Precision 7175 billet ball bearing turbo is one of the first things you’ll spot under the bonnet. Another noteworthy modification is the Holinger sequential six-speed gearbox.

It’s safe to assume that despite the unexpected output (it has achieved over 700kW previously), every spectator was pleased to see and hear this car at full noise on the dyno. For those wanting to track the build, be sure to check out his build thread over on JDM Style Tuning.

Moving on, the surprise of the day came from this late model Ralliart Lancer. To our disbelief its power output was 303.9kW!

Looking closer its got a built 2L motor with a BBK turbo and upgraded auto transmission. It’s also another one of the cars tuned by Vince which ran on the day.

This rare RS model Evo has the Voltex lot with a full kit including a rear wing and pair of canards.

The car wasn’t run on the dyno during the day, but we managed to get this quick look under the bonnet. Bill has huge plans for this car, but it’s impressive just as it is. The RS is a rare spec-level for the Evo, made as a base for motorsport.

The Voltex rear wing shows the aerodynamic advantages to be had out on the track. It has a bright future in time attack ahead.

Same goes for those aggressive Voltex canards that set off a fierce appearance, especially when compared with other more tame street cars around it.

Our recent feature car, Koval’s Evo VI managed to get a quick run on the rolling track receiving an expected 383.1kW reading.

Eric’s Tommy Makinen Evo VI may be near stock, but it still recorded 147.7kW, proving strong for the twelve year old motor. You wouldn’t be able to tell it apart from the above shot of Kovals exterior, which is exactly what Koval intended.

Kevin Smith’s WRX did a moderate 154.9kW on the day and he’s content with the result as a base platform to begin expanding on.

This years dyno day saw a number of sponsors chipping in to make this event as successful as the previous ones, with some great prizes up for grabs.

Go Fast Bits, Meguiars, Nulon, AI, GT-Pumps, Armorall and EMS all did their bit and provided prizes for eager contenders.

The diverse range of cars that out on the day is visible here with the Ford Capri surrounded by JDM contenders.

Here’s the engine bay of the 306.4 kW STI we showed earlier. Boxer motors might not make for the best looking engine bays, but they perform!

The late model WRX below drew some attention, as you would expect with Takata green wheels and a vinyl wrapped roof.

The Rigoli’s have built and tuned a large number of cars over time and a few of them were on display during the day, some impressive engine bays to say the least.

This right here belongs to Vince himself; a 7.6 second Datto ute with 2L motor setup for quarter-mile performance.

This close up of the Capri’s custom intake manifold shows off the immaculate welding typical of the build.

Adding two turbos to an already huge motor takes some creative thinking and skill to put together, but it all fits in here.

We won’t mention too much about this motor below, but it hides in a deceiving Nissan Pulsar which makes for one menacing sleeper.

Event sponsors, Go Fast Bits, were kept busy on the day installing and demonstrating some of their products for the crowd.

Just when you thought the range of Evo’s couldn’t get more broad, this Evo II popped around the corner ready for its dyno run.

The worked motor on the older model had us excited to see how it would perform and the car put out a more than respectable 314.2kW in the afternoon.

These annual V&E Rigoli dyno days have established a name for bringing out big cars, and there’s always an even number of spectators lining up to check it out.

Stance is definitely still thriving and these two properly fitted S15s are proving that a simple drop in ride height and optimistic wheel sizes can set off any car.

At the other end of the spectrum we have the Toys Garage Mitsubishi, kitted out to run off-road much more than on.

Even in the dying stages of the afternoon, cars continued to fill the complex as spectators rolled in. TurboSmart rep, Rohan, recently picked up this JZX and we’re keen to see the direction he takes with it.

We’ve seen Hassan in some impressive vehicles over time. Starting with a K-swapped CR-X to an S2000, then an Evo IX, now we have his R34 GT-R. Time will tell what he has planned for this.

John’s Teala Tequila MX-5 has appeared on our posts a few times now and its paint job deserves to be shown over and over again. Word is that motor work is set to begin shortly.

Kevin’s WRX in the carpark after its run on the day – a mix of both form and function is what our friend Kevin hopes to achieve in the near future.

Support for the influx of blogs appearing is great and there’s always a display of them at every meet or motorsport related event.

Peter’s Mazda 3 MPS is unique and generates quite a bit of interest. It’s safe to say you won’t run into another one similar to this one on Sydney streets.

Not many people within the Mazda 3 MPS demographic choose to modify them, but Peter’s taken the right approach with his. Check out the aggressive stance from the front!

Evos and carbon fibre go hand in hand, with this one going all out under the bonnet.

Advan wheels wrapped in Advan tyres makes sense to us.

It’s not often that you see locally built cars that produce 700+hp bumping heads with 4 cylinder Japanese cars, but it was welcomed at this event.

Roberts EG Civic has true character! Rob has mixed up a fresh list of modifications on his car.

These SR3 Recaros are a nice addition to almost any Honda where they don’t come standard. This is one of the only additions you’ll find as most of the interior’s been stripped.

A re-occuring purple theme has hit his cage, wheels and a number of other accessories in the interior.

As the day started to wrap-up, most people still hung about to watch the remaining cars on the dyno and chat into the night. We’re told that the event wrapped up at approximately 10pm!

Xtreme Motorsports have a name for importing some of the best in desirable Japanese cars and Fadi’s GT-R lives up to the quality machinery we’re used to seeing from them. It didn’t run on the day, but we’re told his V-Spec II is easily capable of 320kW at all four.

TE37s look great on almost any import and especially clean on this S15 we spotted later in the day.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; timeless style is the first thing that comes to mind when we lay eyes on any FD. Peter has done a great job with his so far and achieved 155kW on the afternoon.

This years V&E Rigoli dyno day proved another success and brought together some of the builds we’ve come to expect, as well as new ones. The range of cars that came together made this one of the best dyno day’s we’ve been invited out to. There’s no doubt that they’ll grow over the years to come, so we’ll see you again for next years annual event!

Vince from V&E Rigoli would like to take the final opportunity to thank everyone who attended on the day for their time and patience, those who ran their cars on the dyno, Michael Koval for organising the event and ensuring it logistically ran as smoothly as possible as well as Ezia Rigoli, Thuy Koval, Thao Tran, Charles Lam, Marek Lturrieta, Marina Tcholakova and the rest of the Rigoli crew for their help and assistance.


1. CAPRI – BLK40T – 891.9HP, 665.1KW
2. R34 GT-R – GTR828 – 602.9
3. XR6 – TMW333 – 442.3
4. COMMODORE VR – BWY39S – 586.7 HP, 431.5KW
5. EVO 6 – KOVAL – 383.1
6. EVO 6 – BBL010 – 353.0
7. XR6T – LOLHSV – 335.8
8. XR6 – AI77BP – 333.4
9. EVO 8MR – BZS84W – 323.5
10.EVO 2 – EVO21T – 314.2
11. STI – MOJ00E – 306.4
12. RALLIART-  RALYRT – 303.9
13. S2000 – TIFO01U – 285.9
14. R35 GT-R – GFBGTR – 281.3
15. EVO 8 – BTP01Y – 270.2
16. EVO 9 – DMO571 – 269.9
17. EVO 8 – BLF55T – 269.9
18. EVO 7 – BSE55U – 266.1
19. S15 – BZF732J – 256.1
20. 350Z – BW123Q – 252.6
21. EVO8 – EEV000 – 252.1
22. EVO 6.5 – JRZ187 – 239.9
23. EVO 7 – JCS70Y – 232.7
24. XR8 – XRV080 – 231.7
25. EVO 8 – EV0080 – 227.2
26. EVO 7 – GB71AV – 225.8
27. SUPRA – BADMK3 – 222.6
28. EVO 9 – BBK35S – 219.9
29. CHASER – BN02VO – 217.4
30. EVO 5 – SB84BC – 216.1