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– Words: Ryan Lewis. Photos: Dino Dalle Carbonare, Alexi Smith & Chris Sorgsepp

As much as we love running, behind the scenes we still have regular day jobs. I spend my nine-to-five working in Sydney as the editor of Fast Fours & Rotaries Magazine which is a suitable arrangement! One of the side projects I worked on recently with Performance Imports has finally hit newsstands in Australia.

Content inside the magazine covers a wide range of Japanese cars from vintage to old school. Stories and photos have come from Dino Dalle Carbonare of Speedhunters, Alexi Smith of Nori Yaro, Mark Boxer of HoonTV and more.


Before Nakai-san of Rauh Welt Begriff built Porsches, he cut his teeth on Toyota’s infamous AE86 chassis. Dino got a proper look at one of the best RWB hachirokus.

We spent some time with a legendary hakosuka C10 Skyline in Japan before it was shipped over to Las Vegas.

Our friend and local enthusiast, Fonzy, got a welcome look-in with his fantastic bosozoku inspired TA22 Celica.

We visit Japanese drag racing at Sendai, the All Japanese Day in Queensland and Daisuke Shouten, a hidden away zokusha shop from Japan.

Rocky Auto’s incredible all-carbon, carby fed RB26 Fairlady Z is featured in full. You have to see the triple, twin-throat Webers and custom fabricated exhaust manifold in print.

The Datsun above is one of the neatest 510s you’ll ever see! This one is a legit SSS Coupe. You will also find Grant Scott’s AE71 drifter from Queensland, a bright orange 510 Bluebird from Tokyo and a 20-valve AE86 safety car supported by the Japanese government! To get your copy of Retro Auto head to any good newsagent, or check out MagStore where it will be available for online purchase very soon.