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Early last year we received a call from a good friend of (who happens to own a R34 GTR Z-Tune) saying that he was contemplating on holding a private meet and greet specifically for R34 GTR owners and would love for us to capture the event – How could one decline such an offer?!

To ensure the event contained a plethora of R34 GTR’s, the event was published on Skylines Australia (a large Australian forum for Nissan Skyline owners) and gained momentum quickly.

As the day finally approached, we arrived early and scoped the car park to find an area that was vacant to accommodate the meet and great. Hearing the sound of blow off valves and exhausts in the distance, we knew it wasn’t long before the car park was swamped by GTR’s.

First to arrive was the amazing Z-Tune (Build #001) along with an exact replica. Being in the company of an original Z-Tune is an amazing feeling. Knowing how special and rare the car is one thing, but seeing and hearing it in person is another.

One after another the GTR’s began strolling in and within an hour we we’re graced with thirty one R34 GTR’s which included a Z-Tune, 8 in Silver, 2 in Red, 12 in White, 5 in Blue, 2 in Black, 1 in Purple and 1 in Millennium Jade.

After an opportunity to shoot the cars, the owners each gave a short talk about their GTR, its modifications and their future plans for the car. It was certainly refreshing to see how passionate and accommodating the group was to us but more importantly to each-other, something which has been lost in the automotive community as of late.

A big thanks to ‘B’ for hosting the event and inviting us along, as well as SAU and the owners of all the GTR’s involved.

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