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For the majority of us who don’t have a disposable six figures laying around in the bank for a car, here’s the closest we can get! It’s been a while since we’ve grouped together a team of cars for a feature here at T-LD, so we thought it’d be fitting to double up some fresh new cars from Queen Street Group with some new high resolution desktop wallpapers.

We’ve seen a lot of new cars built and released by the group in the past year as they’ve branched out and expanded their entity. The latest car to join the collection at Queen Street Car Hire is this Liberty Walk Murciélago that made a debut at Fitted Friday a few weeks ago. It’s extreme, raw and rugged just as intended and already in use for weddings and hire in Sydney.

Another new car from the group is this purple Ferrari 360 Spyder on VIP Modular Wheels. The colour is the latest creation of their newly formed allegiance with DNA Paints.

Those who follow us on Instagram would have seen quite a few Murciélago’s popping up in Sydney recently. This one here is the latest acquisition by SVH Auto Body Shop and is an immaculate example. Second to the SV Murciélago, an LP model exactly like this one is in our list of cars to own.

Our favourite new car to come out from the group is this custom wide-body C63 AMG, it’s got some serious presence and grunt on the road! The body-work alone took approximately six months to complete, not to mention the additional three months for custom metal guards.

Thanks to The Criddle Group, we were given access into a private hangar which allowed for some great photo opportunities. Check out the slick pressurised Lancair IVP plane in the background here, it’s even got pearl paint to match the 360.

‘QUEENS’ has had exclusive car hire use in the past year and is proving a popular choice for weddings.

There’s only twenty examples of the wide-body Liberty Walk kits available worldwide, so to have one on our shores is a welcome surprise. We’re told that the kit on this one is the absolute last to ever be made, and it’s the second Lamborghini to be fitted by Built To Order’s ‘RSV Wheels’. Specifications for the front measure 19 x 8.5 et -12, whilst the rear is a ridiculous 20 x 13 et -63!

The C63 has also been fitted on RSV Wheels with a width of 10.5 up front and 12.5 in the rear. We’ll be posting a complete feature on this car in the near future, so stay tuned for that with more information.

The car hire section of Queen Street Group has a large number of standard and custom cars available with the Ferrari 360 Spyder(s) proving a popular choice.

A convertible 458 spyder which was recently picked up from Scuderia Graziani is the latest to join their car hire fleet. We know you’re probably eyeing that fighter jet and Liberty Walk in the background though! There’s a feature on those two on the way as well.

We’ve seen a shifting trend in the style of cars from the group in the past year, though there’s still a transition in effect, the Liberty Walk and C63 would have to be amongst our favourites at the moment, though their new Ferrari has stirred some interesting comments.

“It’s an exciting time for us here at Queen Street”, says CEO Mick. “Sometimes we’re given free reign on a car to paint and modify it however we like, customers are placing that trust in us – however when you get the odd customer who knows what colour paint, trim and wheels they want, you just need to deliver on their expectations. In saying that, we’re pushing out more custom cars than ever and the new C63 and Liberty Walk is a taste of what’s to come. In fact, Liberty Walk number two is already in our shop and the fitting process is about to begin”

With that being said, we’re definitely keen to see where the next year takes them. Special thanks to The Criddle Group for giving us access to their premises for these images. Their hangar and air services are available for hire, so if you’re after executive travel or hiring hangar space be sure to check out their website.

High resolution desktop wallpapers are available for all images featured in this set. Click each corresponding image to obtain a high resolution copy or click this link to download the whole set.

Hangar 273, Rearwin Place,
Bankstown Airport, NSW

Tell us what you think of the new Liberty Walk Lamborghini Murciélago, wide-body C63 AMG and Ferrari 360 from Queen Street Group. Which one is your most favourite, least favourite and why?