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– Words: Ryan Lewis. Photos: MJ Digital.

Expertise in car modification is an underrated quality these days. It’s so easy to look at what one person has done somewhere in the world and think, “I can do that too!” We all know what it feels like to bite off more than we can chew, and it’s only when we get in too deep we go looking for professional help. Utilising a workshop from the start can save a lot of heartache in the long run.¬†Fortunately, we have an array of talented people in our Aussie aftermarket industry.¬†

The starting point for Queen Street Group was this Gallardo. The owner brought it in from the United Kingdom; the source of many imported Lamborghini’s these days as they’re right-hand drive and perfect for our roads.

Plans were to freshen it up, and fit a unique set of VIP Modular wheels. Being a Lamborghini it’s only right that it’s perfectly presented, so the team had some work ahead of them to bring it back to showroom condition.

Due to the British climate, some exterior components needed freshening up on this car. Salted roads and freezing temperatures take their toll on paintwork and underbody components, but it was nothing that couldn’t be redeemed.

Before the body could be touched up in the factory Arancio Borealis colour, a little panel work was necessary for the aggressive wheels to come. Taking to the bodywork of a Lamborghini can be risky business, but the results speak for themselves.

“Because the panels are alloy they’re very soft,” says Mick from Queen Street Group. “It’s so easy to buckle the guard and the whole thing is ruined, but we have a guy at Queen St who can take care of these jobs.”

The finished rear guards are pumped just a little bit, but visually the body still looks standard. “The hard part is to keep it looking original,” says Mick. “That was very important to the owner.”

Heasman Steering were called upon to recondition the tired factory suspension. Years of driving on UK roads had left the shocks in a less than perfect state, but that was easily remedied by the team. Ride height is slightly lower than standard.

“It gets driven as it should,” Mick tells us. “The owner didn’t want to mess around with wheel fitment that would mean a change in his driving style, so we had to accommodate that.”

Therein lies one major advantage of getting custom wheels. There’s no risk of receiving the wrong size, everything is precisely measured before the order is made.

In the case of exotics like these, aftermarket wheels are not always a known quantity. Brake size is an especially important consideration.

VIP Modular VRC-13s were the final choice, in 19×8.5″ front and 19×10.5″ rear.

VIP Modular wheels are almost endlessly customisable; available in any colour, offset, finish, etc. Even the cast series of wheels can be tweaked like the forged range to suit your taste. It’s true VIP treatment, there’s nothing mass-produced about it.

On the car the VRC-13s fit beautifully, the colour is a perfect match and the sizing is on point.

In keeping with the theme, Queen St re-trimmed the interior in black Alcantara with custom orange diamond stitching.

Even the hoodliner was replaced with more Alcantara. It’s a classic Lambo look, but pristinely presented.

Since our shoot the Gallardo has gone up for sale. The owner now plans to upgrade to a Murcielago.

4 Queen Street
Revesby, NSW
(02) 9773 7595