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– Words: Ryan Lewis. Photos: Viet Le.

No matter what you build, your finished product will only be as good as it’s foundation. If you don’t get what we mean, this EG Civic will set you straight. It’s a far cry from what Honda pushed out of their factory back in 1992, but there is a reason the previous owner searched for almost two months before settling on this particular example as the basis for what was to come.

We’ve seen a huge number of EG builds coming out of the woodworks lately. Dropping a B series motor into the infamous EG shell isn’t a new concept, but it goes without saying that some execute it better than others. Shiraz Patel is the proud owner of this white Civic Breeze, but the carburetted D series formerly in the engine bay is now a distant memory.

If you’re a follower of Speedhunters, you will know that the new Editor in Chief taking the reins is none other than Aussie ex-pat, Charles Kha. Before Charles moved to the greener pastures of online media in the northern hemisphere, he set the wheels in motion for this EG build.

Two months of searching is a long time, but when you see this Breeze in person you understand why. It is 100% accident free with no touch-ups or resprayed panels. The exterior was the only thing that really mattered, as all running gear was set to be replaced. IS Motor Racing took the helm for the conversion, and the car is now home to a legit JDM DC2R Integra motor, better known as a B18C Spec R. Leaving it standard didn’t cut it, so quad throttle bodies were added along with a host of other performance and reliability focussed mods.

When Shiraz picked up the car the interior and exterior were original. His plan was to track the car, so adding lightness was necessary. The cabin was stripped from hoodlining to carpet, and fitted with the cage you see in the photographs. The full spec list is listed below, and worth checking out.

Shiraz tells us, “The car is a real blast to drive. I also own a Porsche GT3, but to me the EG is like a Civic RS!” The suspension overhaul in the EG is worth thousands, and it kept up with modern STi and Evo models at Sandown Raceway as a result. With the quad throttles now correctly tuned with a MoTec M400 ECU, we’re keen to see Shiraz pedal it around the track again. No doubt he feels the same!

Specifications List:

1997 B18C Type R engine
OER quad throttle bodies
TWM carbon/fiberglass ITB plenum
BMC CDA enclosed filter
A’PEXi PowerFC computer w/hand controller
MoTeC M400 ECU with Shift Light Module
Buddy Club Spec III camshafts
Buddy Club adjustable cam gears
Buddy Club valve springs
Buddy Club valves
Buddy Club retainers
VRS rebuild kit
New OEM oil pump
New OEM water pump
Unifilter filter socks
Custom catch can
Spoon head gasket
Head serviced
ARP head studs
TODA timing belt
NGK platinum spark plugs
NGK spark plug leads
Spoon magnetic drain plug bolts
Dash harness conversion
Si fuel tank conversion
Walbro fuel pump
RC injectors
Energy Suspension engine mount bush kit
J’s Racing 4-2-1 header
2.5-inch flanges
2.5-inch high-flow cat
Custom 2.5-inch ‘sleeper’ exhaust with hidden muffler
Mugen Twinloop rear
Custom rear straight-pipe (no muffler) by fabraications
Bonus bolt-on silent muffler (output measured @ 86dB)
EK9 radiator
Spoon 1.3-bar radiator cap
Samco radiator hoses
Buddy Club lightweight battery (relocated to rear passenger footwell)

ATS 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th gear close ratio cross-mission set
ATS final drive
Kaaz mechanical LSD
Exedy sports organic clutch kit
Exedy lightweight flywheel
DC2R drive shafts
DC2R shift linkage and shifter
Energy Suspension shift bush kit
Spoon aluminium gear knob

DC2R 5-stud brake conversion
DC2R brake booster
DC2R brake master cylinder
Cusco BMC stopper
APP braided brake lines
Project Mu Level Max 500 brake pads (rear), Front HC+ (0-800degrees)
RDA front and rear rotors.
ARP extended lugs
Buddy Club extended lug nuts (Project KICS titanium nuts)

TODA Fightex DA aluminium coilovers
ASR rear subframe brace
EK9 front strut brace
Rear strut brace incorporated into roll cage
DC2R sway bars
DC2R front lower tie-bar
Skunk2 front camber kit
Skunk2 rear camber kit
Energy suspension master kit
Mugen Rear Trailing Arm bushes
Mugen rear lower control arm bushes
Whiteline front castor kit

ADVAN RG white 15×7 +31
TOYO R888 semi slick tyres 205/50/15
Pumped guards
EG6 front lip
EG6 rear wing

8-point chromoly steel roll cage with side intrusion bars (front strut towers to rear strut towers)
Flacked black dash
Sabelt race seat (drivers) on BC slider rail
RECARO SR3 Challenger passenger seat on Vision low rail
EG6 gauge cluster
’96 spec DC2R steering wheel
Sparco rally steering wheel 330mm and hub adaptor Aluminum steering hub extender
Modified steering column (lowered)
Motec Shift Lights
Battery kill switch
Custom aluminum drivers-side floor panel
Custom aluminum door trims
Alpine CD/MP3/iPod head unit with iPod adaptor cable
DC2R rear seats (not fitted)
ITR floor mats
Si air con controls and heater box (AC condenser fitted)
Roof lining removed for proper fitment of roll cage