Sticker Pack


Assorted pack. Available by popular demand. Includes 7 items. Valued at $69. High quality vinyl. Precision die-cut. Sun fade resistant.


1 x Banner Sticker (85 cm wide)
1 x Medium Sticker (40cm wide)
2 x Small Stickers (24 cm wide)
2 x Round Wheel Stickers (8cm diameter)
1 x Rectangle box Sticker (18cm wide)

In stock (can be backordered)

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into the sunset.
​// @zlrgram x @hausofcinematics
no expenses spared.
​// @hlk20b x @jtramcaptures
pop the hood.
​// @frxsh86 x @blu_deeds
"meet me on the strip" 
​// @yasin.uz_00uzii x @stoanmedia
the perfect daily.
​// @00_boba x @karaninnit
red zone.
​// @issa_slow86 x @d_a_t_e_d
happy easter from T-LD! did the easter bunny give you enough chocolate to make a lambo?
high demand.
​// @kevinphetrasi
​// @15.azz
Koguchi Power widebody 180SX feature, out now!

Our latest feature car infuses a love for track and stance, along with all-things 90’s JDM. It’s a unique build that started on the nostalgia of pop-up headlights and now has no signs of stopping.

Explore the full feature on our website now. Link in bio.

Owner: @mlnium_.
dinner dates.
​// #thelowdown
stop motion. 
​// @adlawd
TE37SL 2012 LTD edition.
​// #thelowdown
legendary z.
​@nim_e87 x @sang.nguyen01
midnight prowler. next in-line is this koguchi power widebody rb25 powered 180sx. 
​// @mlnium_ x #thelowdown
silvia stare down.
​@15.azz x @i.c.o.n.r
#344/650. This Bathurst R Type R FD3S was inspired by its homeland and has been 8 years in the making. 
Explore our latest feature in full format on our website now. Link in bio.
Arctic warfare. 
​// @adlawd
Let's go! All-new feature video with this stunner FD3S - releasing this Thursday, 7PM AEDT.
rollin deep.
​// @obsidian_2is x @markdmedia
Unending roads.
​// @zlrgram x @joshs.eye
2020 recap from @ksuboy, which feature did you like the most? and who do you want to see featured this year? ❤️🤍
gloomy hours. 
​// @00kbye x @sevnblades
going dark. 
​// @15.azz x @d.gounder
3m reflective, stand out.
​// @grantglencoco x @jeckyboii
death stare.
​// @reingarage
​// @2j.josh x @jeckyboii
lay frame.
​// @markusejake_ x @davidluymedia
always a show on at the e85 pumps. 
​// @tld.zomaya
drives in the am.
​// @reingarage
street sweeper. 
​// @lifeofvinny_ x @azzmedia_
top tier.
​// @adlawd
the cover of darkness.
​// @issa_slow86 x