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T-LD banner sticker featuring beaded reflective film. Red reflective box, white reflective text. 85cm wide windscreen banner. Superior quality vinyl. Precision die-cut in Sydney, Australia. Bold day and night colour consistency.

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Tens of thousands of cars proudly represent THE-LOWDOWN. Follow the community on Instagram to see a range and #THELOWDOWN with your banner for a chance to be featured.

Loading up. // @15.azz
Chasing numbers. // @86.slow
Samurai. // @andychendy
Sunset hunter. // @lifeofvinny_ x @azzmedia_
EP3 goals. // @keep3r_ x @luckystar_visuals
Rainbow chaser. // @ruby.collison x @adlawd
RS3 Goals. // @its_muri x
Mood master. // @adlawd
"How do you drive like that?!" // @jeckyboii x @anthonyursino
What are you changing on this gorgeous S2000? // @bg_sweezy
Scenic route. // @lifeofvinny_ x @karaninnit
@15.azz and @sarahs6r out making quality content as per usual.
Instant gentleman. // @itshayleydotcom
Lady in red. // @mn7_3v0 x @limitedslipmedia
Moment in time. // @_paoloagcaoili x @2j.josh
Nissan holy grail. // @__sil26__ x @_shutter_media_
Fuel up photo shoot. // @12wrxx_
Gloomy. // @_climbhigh
Progression pending. // @15.azz
Wave runner. // @2j.phantom
Nature's seasonal art. // @lifeofvinny_ x @karaninnit
All about the numbers. // @adamtompkin_
Thousands of cars including all the cars we post here are proudly repping THE-LOWDOWN with our banner. For your chance to be featured make sure you tag and hashtag THE-LOWDOWN so we can find your pics! // @mn7_3v0 x @limitedslipmedia
Death stare. // @haup_sti x @beinn
Blvck. // @07.blvk x @karaninnit
Mitsubishi legend. // @_88dragon x @lunacaptures_
Driven not hidden. // @adlawd
Ride low, park lower. 

Check out two of Australia's stance scene icons. 

These two S chassis' were built to park and break necks.

Check out the full video on our YouTube channel.
Green machine. // @sl4m34 x @ludicrousmedia_
Graveyard god. // @jeckyboii x @harrytaskerphotos
Ride low, park lower. // @endgame_sti x @ksfphotos
Doorway to hell // @00shix x @christoson.png
Maccas run team. // @adlawd x @00kbye x @zlrgram
Hard parked. // @kaiju_2jz x @maxscaptures
@andychendy's Midnight Purple S15 - now live!
Explore the full feature via the link in our bio now.
Sunset chaser. // @evoxbrendan x @kurisuvision
Car wash therapy. // @redgc_8
City escape. // @wigg.86
The strip. // @lifeofvinny_ x @kamaji4d
Purple rein. // @reingarage
Death stare. // @markusejake_
Time attack. // @86.slow x @_jamesgreig

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Classic URL masthead logo. Beaded reflective film.


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Precision die cut, premium quality vinyl. Limited to only 50 units.


85cm wide by 5.5cm high.