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T-LD banner sticker featuring beaded reflective film. Red reflective box, white reflective text. 85cm wide windscreen banner. Superior quality vinyl. Precision die-cut in Sydney, Australia. Bold day and night colour consistency.

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Tens of thousands of cars proudly represent THE-LOWDOWN. Follow the community on Instagram to see a range and #THELOWDOWN with your banner for a chance to be featured.

On the prowl.
​// @choomr2life
heavy hitters only.
​// @booja x @gvtsy
The Weissach Package. Explore the full feature via the link in our bio now. 
This pure driving, adrenaline producing machine is not your average GT3 RS. Every Porsche developed comes out of a special facility in Weissach, Germany. Largely covered by secrecy, the Porsche Development Centre is where some wild creations are born. 
So when the whiz kids in Weissach were tasked with whipping up a special pack for GT3 RS, they didn’t hold back. 
This feature is brought to you by @michelin Tyres Australia. Discover sports and performance tyres from one of the world’s most iconic tyre brands.
Owner: @jruggier8.
into the sunset.
​// @zlrgram x @hausofcinematics
pop the hood.
​// @frxsh86 x @blu_deeds
the perfect daily.
​// @00_boba x @karaninnit
red zone.
​// @issa_slow86 x @d_a_t_e_d
high demand.
​// @kevinphetrasi
​// @15.azz
Koguchi Power widebody 180SX feature, out now!

Our latest feature car infuses a love for track and stance, along with all-things 90’s JDM. It’s a unique build that started on the nostalgia of pop-up headlights and now has no signs of stopping.

Explore the full feature on our website now. Link in bio.

Owner: @mlnium_.
dinner dates.
​// #thelowdown
stop motion. 
​// @adlawd
TE37SL 2012 LTD edition.
​// #thelowdown
legendary z.
​@nim_e87 x @sang.nguyen01
midnight prowler. next in-line is this koguchi power widebody rb25 powered 180sx. 
​// @mlnium_ x #thelowdown
silvia stare down.
​@15.azz x @i.c.o.n.r
#344/650. This Bathurst R Type R FD3S was inspired by its homeland and has been 8 years in the making. 
Explore our latest feature in full format on our website now. Link in bio.
Arctic warfare. 
​// @adlawd
Let's go! All-new feature video with this stunner FD3S - releasing this Thursday, 7PM AEDT.
rollin deep.
​// @obsidian_2is x @markdmedia
Unending roads.
​// @zlrgram x @joshs.eye
2020 recap from @ksuboy, which feature did you like the most? and who do you want to see featured this year? ❤️🤍
gloomy hours. 
​// @00kbye x @sevnblades
going dark. 
​// @15.azz x @d.gounder
3m reflective, stand out.
​// @grantglencoco x @jeckyboii
death stare.
​// @reingarage
​// @2j.josh x @jeckyboii
lay frame.
​// @markusejake_ x @davidluymedia
always a show on at the e85 pumps. 
​// @tld.zomaya
drives in the am.
​// @reingarage
street sweeper. 
​// @lifeofvinny_ x @azzmedia_

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Classic URL masthead logo. Beaded reflective film.


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Precision die cut, premium quality vinyl. Limited to only 50 units.


85cm wide by 5.5cm high.