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T-LD banner sticker featuring beaded reflective film. Red reflective box, white reflective text. 85cm wide windscreen banner. Superior quality vinyl. Precision die-cut in Sydney, Australia. Bold day and night colour consistency.

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Tens of thousands of cars proudly represent THE-LOWDOWN. Follow the community on Instagram to see a range and #THELOWDOWN with your banner for a chance to be featured.

Maccas run team. // @adlawd x @00kbye x @zlrgram
Hard parked. // @kaiju_2jz x @maxscaptures
@andychendy's Midnight Purple S15 - now live!
Explore the full feature via the link in our bio now.
Sunset chaser. // @evoxbrendan x @kurisuvision
Car wash therapy. // @redgc_8
City escape. // @wigg.86
The strip. // @lifeofvinny_ x @kamaji4d
Purple rein. // @reingarage
Death stare. // @markusejake_
Time attack. // @86.slow x @_jamesgreig
Ready for take off. // @dan_often
We’ve secured one! Welcoming the all new GR YARIS to the T-LD fleet for 2020. Drop a comment telling us what you want to see done to it! #thelowdown
Next in line, @andychendy's Midnight Purple Spec R S15. Stay tuned.
Varis aggression. // @haup_sti
Head to head. // @wigg.86 x @shinobi_visuals
Breakfast hangs. // @lifeofvinny_ x @benzinsyd
Daily duties. // @jeckyboii
Daily combination. // @slwrxy
Flawless shape. // @07mnh x @jazzabel
Thousands of cars including all the cars we post here are proudly repping THE-LOWDOWN with our banner. For your chance to be featured make sure you tag and hashtag THE-LOWDOWN so we can find your pics! // @2j.phantom
Moulded Rocketbunny. // @86.v2 x @thatsydneyboy
7.5 R. // @07.blvk
Early bird. // @dan_often
Vivid lights. // @bryant.takahashi x @taodinhphotos
One fast snowplow. // @00kbye x
Switch up. // @stancedd2k
Great to see so much progress on build. // @frxsh86
4g63 goodness. // @urmatewill
Spec R // @15.azz
An icon in its own right. Explore the full feature via the link in our bio.
It’s no secret that the 90’s era of JDM cars are becoming increasingly sought after. With the likes of GT-R and Supra skyrocketing in price and desire, other JDM cars from the 90’s are also seeing growth from cult followings.
The MR2 is no exception. It’s existence is thanks to Toyota’s lead designer Akio Yoshida and this second generation model is arguably the most memorable. 
Taking Akio’s concept of a good sports car further and challenging the status quo, the owner of this MR2 has created a unique blend of aesthetics and performance that will stand the test of time.
Star gazing. // @86.v2 x @thatsydneyboy
Shadow lurker. // @tomwigg x @shinobi_visuals
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A90 repping TLD! // @teeeze21 x @km.captures
Static struggles. // @dan_often x @spiritsandshadows
4 doors has never looked so good. // @merch_r34 x @harrytaskerphotos
Bagged beauty. // alzie_ x @sang.nguyen01
Gods motor. // @__sil26__ x @shutter_media_cairns
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Homegrown. // @x.hopeso.x
NSX headlight flex. // @bg_sweezy
Locked eyes. // @_88dragon x @amalchand_
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Nights like this at the roll racing strip. // @jess__k__ x @_jamesgreig
Sunsets and water hit different. // @thatred8six x @lucidmultimedia
Meaty tyres means business. // @klr02j x

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Classic URL masthead logo. Beaded reflective film.


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Precision die cut, premium quality vinyl. Limited to only 50 units.


85cm wide by 5.5cm high.