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– Words: Ryan Lewis. Photos: Sebastian Voll.

You gotta love Powercruise. There’s really nothing else like it. Take your regular street car, your weekender or even your track hack down to the circuit and chop it up with whoever happens to be out there with you. It’s such a simple formula, just get out there and see how many people you can coax into a little bit of straight line fun, with no risk to your licence! The atmosphere is great, the cars are plentiful and diverse, and nothing gets taken too seriously. Perfect.

Yep, those RE30s are plated with real gold. From what we hear Graham is cracking away on a few changes to his FD that we’re keen to see.

Nathan’s Supra presents a formidable figure in the pits at Sydney Motorsport Park. No doubt a few hopefuls tried and failed against this machine.

One of the most talked about cars on the asphalt was this RX-3 from Castle Hill Performance. Twin turbo LSX V8 making 800rwkW. Yes, eight hundred at the wheels.

Powercruise Sydney was graced by the appearance of Mercury Motorsport’s infamous ‘NITTO’ R34 GT-R all the way from Queensland. We won’t say too much about this 1000hp weapon just yet. Mostly because we’ve got a full feature coming up soon!

Like we were saying, you can pretty much drive whatever you want at Powercruise provided it passes official scrutineering for safety. How epic is this Camaro?

This is a legit Murciélago LP670-4 SuperVeloce. The ultimate Murcié. It’s V12 makes 493kW, and sounds like a symphony of destruction.

The Built To Order Civic really gets around. The K-swap under the bonnet probably took a few people by surprise going head-to-head.

If you line-up next to an old Mazda with Pac Racing door stickers, you’re asking for trouble. Few people know how to build brutal rotors like Pac do.

If you’ve heard a bridgeported 13B turbo wide open, with very little in the way of mufflers, you’ll know why the track is really the only place you can let loose in something like this.

Love the plates on this BNR34. It’s a V-Spec II to boot! You might even spot our sticker on the rear quarter window, something we always get a kick out of seeing. Gorgeous car.

The full RE Amemiya aero on this RX-7 is so rare out here. It’s not to everyone’s taste but personally I think it’s great. Something about exposed rivets on over-fenders just does it for me.

As well as the all-in cruise sessions, you can also enter in Powercruise’s proper off-street drag competition, but you’ll need something ridiculous if you want to get near the top.

Strange to think about the criticism often give to Japanese car owners when you see Nathan’s tough and understated Supra next to the wild Aussie V8s below, but I guess if you’re going to put a 6/71 blower and injection hat outside the bonnet of your VK Commodore, you may as well paint it purple and get pink plates! Oh, and do this too.

Powercruise brings everyone out, and that’s the best thing about the event. Like we said at the start, you just gotta love it. It’s got the works!