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Porsche has just premiered its latest concept car, combining the emotional design of a Porsche into an all-electric powered sports car.

The concept car features a 800-volt drive system which can pump out over 600HP. That’ll get you from 0 – 100 km/h in under 3.5 seconds and if you happen to run out of capacity, the system will re-charge in just 15 minutes.

The new Mission E Concept is built from a mix of aluminium, steel and carbon fibre reinforced polymer, featuring a low centre of gravity and optimal weight distribution.

From a design perspective the new Porsche concept was sculpted from a sports saloon with a classic Porsche sweepback. Interior wise, the dashboard features a holographic display and can be configured from a tablet device.

The electric car doubles the voltage from what has become the standard for electric vehicles, which operate at around 400 volts. You can expect to get 400km driving range from a 15 minute charge.

This all new Mission E Concept from Porsche provides a look into the future of electric vehicles, and closes the gap with Tesla in terms of charging times, versatility and power.