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This may seem like a Porsche RSR at first glance, but take a take a closer look and you’ll notice that there’s more than meets the eye with this 996 Porsche owned by Ace Ochoco.

As you probably guessed, the front half of the car features an RSR kit, however the back half has been modified with an over fender kit from the Porsche 996 Turbo.

We’re quite familiar with the level of detail and body-work that’s required to make the conversion from a standard body car to a wide body car here at T-LD, and owner Ace encountered some of these issues with his build.

Converting and cutting the rear fenders, cutting the front fenders, repainting the whole car and then getting the right set of wheels and tires to compliment the bodywork were just some of the challenges endured by Ace during his build.

These hurdles were further amplified for owner Ace with the challenge of using components from different kits and still making the car flow aesthetically.

After hours of research, labour and funding though, we have the result here; a Frankenstein 996 RSR/Turbo!

This post originally appeared on The Hundreds.