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Singer and their restoration services have become synonymous within the Porsche enthusiast market. Their bespoke offering is a broad canvas for individual self expression, resulting in fine tailoring and this example is no exception.

You’re looking at one of the latest 911 Porsche’s to receive Singer’s fine service, which also happens to be the very first Targa that the company has built.

Like many of Singer’s creations, the 964 generation has been customised in this example, there is one twist however. 964 911’s have a standard 3.6 litre flat six engine, however this one has been rebuilt to a 4.0 litre by Ed Pink.

As a result, the engine pumps out 385 HP. The car has a six speed gearbox from the 993, with Öhlins suspension and Fuchs-inspired five spoke wheels.

Exterior wise, the car has been dipped in liquid pewter paint whilst being kitted out in signature Singer details. The ‘Targa Hoop’ has been finished in nickel as opposed to stainless steel with two air louvers to match earlier 911’s.

Orange leather trim can be found throughout the interior, which also trickles into the engine bay and front storage compartment.

Each customer who goes through the bespoke process with Singer have free reign over their car, and we reckon this immaculate creation is as glamorous as a classic sports car can be.

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