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The Weissach Package


Only a handful of car manufacturers carry a distinct range of iconic cars such as Porsche. Quite often dubbed as one of the greatest sports cars ever, the 911 model plate has continuously evolved since 1963.

Available in a number of tiers and specifications, the 911 GT3 RS is up there as one of the most desirable Porsche models to own.

What makes the 911 GT3 RS desirable is its pure driving pleasure and adrenaline producing abilities. A combination of aerodynamics, performance and tuning all work in symphony to make this the perfect package, on and off the track.

To take it to a further extreme, from time to time, Porsche introduces limited-edition models and highly desirable option packs, such as this right here – the Weissach Package.

Born In A Think Tank


So what, or rather, where is Weissach?

Weissach is a small town located in Germany. It’s also home to the heart of Porsche; their development centre which has its own test track and is where all Porsche Motorsport racing cars are created.

Largely covered by secrecy, Porsche’s Development Centre spans to about a hundred hectares. As a nod to their Development Centre, in 2018, Porsche released a lightweight Weissach Package for its road-going race car, the GT3 RS.

Weight saving changes include, well, a lot of carbon fibre. The roof and bonnet get the full treatment, with carbon fibre also being utilised on the suspension to save 5.3kg. Every gram of weight was looked at, with steering wheel trim and shift paddles being made of carbon fibre and even the carpet being lighter by 225g.


Owner Spotlight

Motorsport History


With the support of his parents from a very young age of 8, the owner of this GT3 RS, Justin was first introduced to Motorsport in the form of go-karting.

After becoming a 4 time Australian Karting Champion and 6 Time State Karting Champion, Justin then went on to racing simulators with the Williams F1 Team in 2007. He ended up winning the Williams F1 RBS Challenge in Australia and then went on to race other competition winners in Spain, winning the Williams F1 World RBS Challenge in 2007.

Since then, Justin has gone on to win the multiple championships in Australia and is a driving instructor outside of his full time job.

So why the GT3 RS? “Porsche is a brand that connects people and the GT3 RS is a proven track car, which you can drive to and from the track”, says Justin.



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Owner Notations and Thanks

Hard To Source


The GT3 RS is a hard car to source on any day, and even more difficult to get with specifications such as the Weissach Package. Justin spoke to nearly every dealer he could to get his hands on one.

Ever since the launch of the 2003 996 GT3 RS, the GT3 RS nameplate is the only car that Justin has wanted, especially whilst watching Porsche Carrera Cup.

After being able to configure one in February 2018 with the Weissach Package, he had received a call not long after informing him that the Weissach Package was no longer available. Justin chose to not proceed with a standard GT3 RS, but received a call in October 2018 for a similar allocation with a Weissach Package.

The rest is history.

Weissach Package Carbon Fibre Roof
Weissach Package Carbon Fibre Bonnet
Weissach Package Carbon Fibre Guards
Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 Tyres

Next Steps


Whilst Justin doesn’t plan on modifying his GT3 RS, he does have his sights set on a 992 GT3 RS and would also love a 997 GT3 RS.

“There aren’t any modifications needed to this car. It’s perfect in the factory form.” Justin would like to thank his wife Christina, his parents for teaching him discipline, stating that “patience always pays off”, and Porsche for allowing him to have such an extraordinary car.

You can follow Justin’s journey on Instagram and YouTube.


Tyre Spotlight

Fitted With Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2


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