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When it comes to tuning supercars, there are very few, it any, better respected within the automotive industry than Novitec. Their long standing partnerships with Ferrari and Lamborghini tuning has produced some of the most insane and desirable tuned exotic cars the world has ever seen.

Novitec has recently collaborated exclusively with ADV.1 for the wheels on their latest project called LP700 Torado. Working closely together, the wheels take design and function to the highest levels of performance and aesthetics to produce something keeping in line with the foundations and principles of Novitec mixed with the style and technology of ADV.1.

NOVITEC TORADO + ADV.1|NL2 high-tech forged wheel for the Lamborghini Aventador, is now available in a limited edition of just 25 consecutively numbered sets of wheels. The objective of this cooperation between the high-end German tuning and refinement specialist Novitec Torado and American high-tech wheel manufacturer ADV.1, was to incorporate a truly aggressive wheel design logically to the design and functionality of the Italian sports car. As the first product of this cooperation the two partners now present the NL2 wheels for the Aventador. The wheels have an aggressive design modelled after a wind turbine that features five unusually shaped double spokes.

The new NL2 forged wheels allow Novitec Torado to further expand its extensive tuning program for the Lamborghini Aventador. A program that ranges from a carbon-fiber aerodynamic-enhancement kit, various levels of engine tuning, high-performance exhaust systems with electronic sound management, precisely tuned coil-over suspension kits and exclusive cockpit refinements round out the performance and personalised upgrades.

To give the Lamborghini Aventador an even sportier appearance, the Novitec designers went into the wind tunnel to develop an aerodynamic-enhancement kit that is also available with a clear-coated carbonfibre finish for its lightweight advantage and genuine racing appearance.

The front of the two-seater can be upgraded to an even more aggressive design with the two-piece Novitec Torado front spoiler, the central front blade, newly designed air scoops and the redesigned trunk lid with integrated air ducts and new air vents. This creates optimal down force on the front axle and further improves handling stability at high speeds.

The Novitec Torado side skirts, carbon-fiber mirror housings and redesigned side air scoops on the rear windows complete the aggressive side view of the vehicle with the new forged wheels.

The rear is shaped by the Novitec Torado rear wing, which is available in two versions and increases down force on the rear axle. In addition, there is a special diffuser for the rear bumper, which can be expanded into a double diffuser with an extra component. Novitec Torado fits the hood with larger air scoops and air vents, which are complemented by redesigned air vents in the rear components and consequently ensure a healthy temperature level in the engine bay.

For more information, check out the Novitec website.