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Being well known for providing the ultimate kits and upgrades for Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghini, NOVITEC has now added McLaren under its wing – starting with the baby 570S.

The job that NOVITEC engineers had was simple, take the styling of the new 570S and make it even better. To do that, they started with the aero, making additions such as front spoiler lips, lower rocker panel covers, air intake covers and a new rear airfoil.

New forging technology was then used to create a staggered set of new wheels, being 9 inch up front and 11 inch wide at the rear.

The NOVITEC package isn’t just about looking good however. The McLaren 570S comes equipped with a 3.8L twin turbo V8, so the engine specialists tuned three different performance kits for the new McLaren.

The most powerful stage gets the addition of a high performance exhaust system which results in a 56kW (76HP) increase from the standard version. This takes the factory 419kW (562HP) power output to 475kW (646HP).

The new NOVITEC kit is available now in Australia from Scuderia Autoart. Be sure to check out the recent Vorsteiner program for the McLaren 570S as well.